Does anyone know where to buy High Resolution Korean Music Tracks?

Discussion in 'Korean Chat' started by RobCole, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. RobCole

    RobCole Active Member

    I am into Korean Drama Music.

    At the moment I'm trying to get hold of the following tracks:

    My Painful Love - by True Bird (from Miss Mermaid - 2002)

    It's Okay - by Luna fx (from Cheomdangdong Alice - 2012)

    Twilight - by Yoo Sung Eun (from Suspicious Housekeeper - 2013)

    Dazzling/Sparkling - by Lee Hae Na (from Birth of a Beauty - 2014)

    I have joined which do FLACs download. My preferred choice of music format. I hate listening to compressed music.

    My stumbling block is that they use which is kind of like Paypal. When I go to add my Credit Card details I have to provide a Mobile number then a Korean Social Security Number first. The mobile number is so that they can text me a verification code. I don't live in Korea so don't have these details.

    I did send them an email asking for alternative payments such as Paypal and this is the reply I got (was in Korean I put it
    through Google translate).

    Super Sound, Bugs!"

    Good morning. A Starbucks customer center.

    Starbucks service is a means to cross-border payments for domestic services

    The settlement is not possible.

    If,even if you buy through a local payment methods abroad

    In overseas it can not be used smoothly.

    * Sources of copyright reasons such services are only for the country.

    I hope to have you solved the question gave your guide,
    We look forward to providing you with a more sincere service.

    Thank you.

    If you type in to google the following "can't buy music from abroad" you will get many people complaining about this issue. The highest quality iTunes do is 256K.

    I wonder if there is someone on this forum that lives in South Korea who could buy me a Gift certificate for a 30 day pass. There is one that allows you to download 30 Songs for 8,900 Korean Won. This works out at 7.60 USD. If someone has Paypal and is interested I would pay them 7.60USD + 15 USD as a handing/service fee to buy me a Gift Certificate.

    Alternatively any recommendations on sites that can deal internationally?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. xaznxryux

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    does YesAsia still exist? I used to buy a lot from them back in high school
  3. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Yes, it does.

    RobCole If you want to buy CD's, then Yesasia, Gmarket, KpopTown are all good choices. I've personally bought from them all.BUT if you're just looking for a track or two, it might not be worth paying for the whole disc.
  4. RobCole

    RobCole Active Member

    Thank you Jeff for the suggestions. Most Korean Drama CDs only have 1 and at most 2 songs that I like. It is a shame that with 4K picture quality and even 8k announced that High Resolution music is not popular.