Do you think i'm Fat and Hopeless ?

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    Thank you so much everyone...honestly you guys have given me insight that I will put in mind. I've read the 12 step support system and I feel much more comfortable. Today is my official day I'm goin to do this. I will still look at you guys comment for support & motivation. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Thank
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    Hi BlackAsian..

    Freaking wrote 3-4 paragraphs and my laptop shuts down..

    Now I'm just going to summaries what I wrote and no blabbing... like my previous post..

    Man after looking at your 4 photos, I felt disgusted.. it reminded me of me.. the last 10 years.. would you believe I exercised even harder after seeing your photos.. haha..
    1. For the past 10 years I grew rounder and rounder.. I almost hit 90kg .. very close to triple digit (177cm in height).. I said to myself.. I don't want to hit the triple digits..
    2. I wanted a change.. wanted to show my friends and family who called me fat the last 10 years.. I wanted to change without becoming a burden to other.. I was determine to do it myself... I knew it would take time.. but time is what I have.. and the end of the day.. I can't possibly look worst than what I look like now right?
    3. So don't aim for a 6 packs .. I honestly aim to look like a chick on the program hahaha...
    4. I used to look like you, I still did 6-8 weeks ago... Pear Shape... One Large Keg on my stomach
    5. I've been exercising the last 6-8 weeks.. I'm starting to see some awesome results in.. which I didn't believe I would ever see in my life time.
    6. I grew a fat stomach.. probably from sitting on my ass for too long each day.. and downing too many beers...

    Ok, that's enough about me, so where was I... I'm starting to see results...

    What I do highly recommend you is... restart the insanity program... my friend has been doing it for the past 2 months.. he did do cross-training before hand but got injured.. so he started the insanity program..he toned down heap.. but his got good determination though.. unlike me..

    If I can get in shape, so can you BlackAsian..

    Like it's great.. everyone's telling you what to do.. like get determine only you can do it.. blah blah blah... guys.. his already depressed about being fat etc etc.. his tried... and nothing seems to work..

    BlackAsian.. I can tell you.. i'm 95% similar to you.. so i'm going to give you some tips.. and hopefully my tips will help you be on your way to start exercising.. btw i'm a very stubborn guy myself and I was lazy.. trust me .. i'm really lazy.. if I didn't want to do something.. i'll take a step back...

    My tips for you blackasian:

    1. Drink water.. about 1.5L worth a day.. (not sure why.. but I heard it helps.. my gf researched that you don't need to drink gatorade unless you exercise for more than an hour)
    cut the soft drinks.. drink it only when you really feel the need.. like reward yourself.. probably 1 can a week if you really want it..but trust me.. once you exercise.. you're going to ask yourself twice... do I really need this crap.. it's going to cost me 50 minutes of exercise to burn that 1 can of soft drink.. is it worth it?..
    2. Do you cook? Well I do.. but again who cares about me.. this is about you.. so you're a vegetarian.. what do vegetarians eat?.. side story: my x gf was vegetarian.. we went to eat ice cream.. then broke up not long after.. lol... maybe i broke up with her because she didn't like the same ice cream as me...:ugh: jokes... back to you: is there a salad you love.. do you love eating mushrooms? Why am I asking you all this? Well.. I wanted you to go shopping and grab all the vegetables you love to eat and make that into a salad or even a cooked plate of vegetarian <wtf -kekemad vegetarian... i'm pretty sure you said you're a vegetarian.. oops .. i meant vegetables... is nice.. have you tried baked capsicum .. omg so sweet... trust me.. after a good exercise.. you last thing you want to eat is a miniature meal for a size 4 hollywood star.. you better off eating something you enjoy.. btw cheese pizza has to stop *grab a salad and throw a small amount of cheese will be a better option*.. 2 min noodles.. throw that crap away.. it's just going to make you feel bloated and sleepy... I realized during exercising.. that carbs such as rice and pizza will clog your pipes.. I once ate rice and exercise about 1-2 hours later.. I can still feel it in my pipes.. not good when you're trying to breath after some intense exercising.... my recommendation... stop eating it all together.. but you can try eating brown rice.. heard that's not as bad.. if you want to breath properly during exercise.. stop eating it.. or find a alternative... I'm just telling you how I felt when I exercised after a meal.. not good bro...again did I mention water.. have that with you at all times when you do insanity... those exercises are tiring.. and you need plenty of water.. also when your following the insanity program.. remember Shaun T says do as much as you can.. but don't lose the form.. if those sexy bastards on insanity does 10 push ups.. just do 5 unsexy good ones.. eventually your muscles will get stronger and your fat will start burning.. and that's when you'll see results.. don't hurt yourself.. if my body gets sexy enough.. i'll send you a pm lol... I'll be censoring my face and just show you my stomach lol... btw.. i'm also a Asian guy .. so no … bromance sh.. hahah.. good luck mate... best tip for losing weight is a good meal that you enjoy and love.. that's my method..! it's no point switching to a all diet meal... if you hate the food.. you'll be put off at the start of the program .. am I right ! Hahah...-lol
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    i think insanity might be too much for his level tbh commit to something simple like running around the block or treadmill everyday if you hate cardio just lift little weights. Definitely dont eat junk or drink alcohol. If you need a cheat day do that once or twice a week.
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    Yes i love eating so of course i love cooking too. but with busy work schedule lately i don't cook as often anymore. So i usually eat out with my wife or order in. I'm Asian soo I love my white rice... brown rice isn't the same as white . but i know white rice is really bad for me so I'm trying to stop. Veggy food that I eat often are Avocado, Bak Choy, Potato ( are potato good or bad for you..I've always wonder about that), Cauliflower, Kale, and all type of Mushroom. Are eggs actually good or bad for you anyone know? I also just signup on myfitnesspal sn:lastfightasian . I also will check out the other site that you guys have talked about. I'm starting this work out Focus T25 by Shaun T. today was my first one work..and I made it.. I just keep pushing and telling myself one day at a time. and whenever I have food craving late at night i would tell myself ... if you really want to eat need to do 40 pushup, 50 sit up crunches, 100 jumping jacks....and after all that would you still be interested in eating that. That's something that i have to push myself into thinking if I want to go off track. and I also register myself for a 21k marathon on Nov.24. it's something that I've always wanted to do. I think it would help push myself into training for it.

    So the stuff I ate today,
    1st meal. Subway- foot long egg white & provolone cheese on flat bread with spinach, tomato, bellpeper. with a green ice tea unsweeten.
    2nd meal. subway- 6 inch Veggie sandwich on wheat
    3rd meal. Potato & Egg burrito
    4th meal. Stir Fry kale with garlic. (made that myself at home)

    workout i done today:
    25min workout Focus T25 Cardio.
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    you will fail if you have too many goals and you haven't even achieve the simplest ones you are in no position to multitask mentally or physically. You need focus your diet sounds like you use alot of flavoring and unnecessary toppings like cheese etc try to cut out on stuff like that plus use olive or coconut oil instead of canola and eggs are good as long as you limit your yolk consumption.
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    Potato is starch like white rice. All the simple carbs you are consuming and not burning off gets converted to FAT stored around your waist hence your belly. What is bothering you psychologically that you are turning to food for comfort? Perhaps you should seek help from a Psychologist and conquer your demons first. All these goals you have set are great but you are setting yourself up for failure. One step at a time.

    Good Luck!!!
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    For your own benefit, I think you need to start replacing food names instead, with their Glycemic Load values. In this way, you can readily see at a glance what eat ingredient is costing you in terms of eventual weight. Potato and Bread, are both carbohydrates like rice and pasta. You need to look for foods that are low in glycemic load but longer lasting, so you feel full for longer durations.

    See theses links:
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    My stomach looks like that after I eat.

    I don't exercise much. But I've been trying yoga to help.

    Good luck with your goals!
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    Calories Deficit is all you need.

    "How To Lose Fat – The TRUTH About Fat Loss
    There’s a million reasons why people fail to lose fat, but somewhere at the top of that list is just a fundamental lack of understanding of the scientifically proven principals of how to lose fat.

    To show you exactly what I mean, let’s start this off with a list of things that DON’T cause fat loss.

    Things That DO NOT Cause Fat Loss:

    Eating healthy.
    Eating “clean.”
    Eating less carbs.
    Eating less fat.
    Eating less junk food.
    Eating less sugar.
    Eating 6 smaller meals per day/every 3 hours.
    Eating “good” foods instead of “bad” foods.
    Not eating after 7pm.
    Weight training.
    Building muscle and/or getting stronger.
    And MUCH more. "
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    ^Complete bull shit right there

    you can have a calories deficit and eat just junk food u still be a fatass mofo as your body metabolism wont be healthy enough to burn that fat properly.
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    Depend how much junk food, Most people probably eat over 3000calories junk foods lol.
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    Blackasian, whats the status update on your weight?

    Update on your look also would be great?
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    Remember this when you go to the gym, at the end of pain is success.

    Also, you can lose the fat if you commit to stuff.

    I have some belly to get rid of so I'm on a ketogenic diet at the moment. I've dropped about 12lbs in the month of January. I should be satisfied with myself at this pace by the Summer.

    Just stay motivated and stop caring about what other people think.

    OP post is from months ago, I hope you have not given up. Even so, you can still start now.
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    damn how u feeling with that diet you even have enough energy to go to gym?
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    to be honest, i think you got the best job of ur life to have that bear belly physique. If you have a job in grocery, I bet all your body fat will be gone in a week. hmm, maybe a week is a bit of exaggeration but believe me in due time you will notice the difference.
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    I take in about 30-50g of carbs per day from veggies and stuff at a minimal level. To be honest, I don't feel like I can do those max rep sessions at the gym on this diet. I tried pushing 315lbs on bench and it was difficult. So I reverted to benching 185-225lbs sets.

    I can most certainly run the hell out of my body on the treadmill which aids the fat burning process very well though. Different diets cater to different needs and purposes. OP and I wanna burn fat, I think this diet works great even if you don't exercise.
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    you have to keep urself motivated and resist temptation if you want to improve yourself!
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    Set short term and long term goals and track them
    Prepare your own food
    Cut the Sugar
    Cut the soft Drinks
    Cut the Beer and the smoking
    Cut salt
    Cut Fruit Juices - do not drink them, (Just eat the fruits instead)
    Stop going to the bakery
    reduce the egg and diary in your diet
    Low Fat Foods and Low oils and cut the butter and stop frying your food.
    Progress photos and keep us updated.
    Don't join a gym if you are not going to go, Join a sport activity that suits you and you like - Judo, biking, walking etc and stick to it.

    All this is a lifestyle change and you will be doing this until you die. so start small.

    This all takes time and in your case a long time. Do not expect immediate results.
    30 years of laziness and bad dieting can not be fixed in 1 year of eating clean and working out.