Do you think i'm Fat and Hopeless ?

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    Hi everyone at PA. I'm 30 year old now. Most of my life I've been called name because of my fat body. I've been battling with my weight for the half of my life. My friend call me big belly or fatass. my family think i'm hopeless and think I'm just eating myself to death. I've tried to lost my big beer belly many time but always end up losing. I've tried doing P90X for 2 weeks and gave up.. Insanity for 1 week and also gave up. I have a $100/month luxury gym membership but never go because I'm lazy or ashamed of other people seeing me there and i didn't fit in. Everyone there was rock body. I downgraded myself to a cheaper gym but it was too far away. I keep making excuses for not working out. I'm reaching my end and i just turned 30 and i realized i will probably be made fun wife have tried to give me support and pushed me but at the end i always let her down. many promise broken and my belly is still no broken. honestly no body believe in me anymore & i don't even believe in myself . I wonder if you guys know of any solution?. please let me know. Do you also think I'm Fat and Hopeless ?? and also the funny thing is I'm a Vegetarian people don't even believe I'm a vegetarian because of my big belly..they think I'm lying and say it's like i just ate a whole cow in the closet before coming out. I'm soooo tired of living a worthless life. I've feel like a big loser so much. :confused:

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    stop qutting and complaining and start putting that fat ass to work
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    Dude wtf?!?!? You ain't no where near black!
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    Ask yourself this question: how bad do I want to change?

    You're in control of what your physique look like (unless you have some condition which you did not mention for privacy purposes) and it doesn't matter if you're vegetarian or not because if you are consuming more calories (energy) than your body burns then you will naturally store the excess energy as fat.

    Monitor what you're eating because if you're not assessing, then you're guessing. There are a load of websites and applications for your smartphone which you can use to help you, some are free and some cost money, but just be consistent with what you're doing.

    So...if you still think you want to lose the fat, think again, how bad do you want it? Results doesn't happen overnight so be prepared to fight off the cravings. If you don't want it as bad as you think then it is natural that you will give up. Don't look at how long you got to go till you want to lose that fat, instead look at how far you have come, this is possible by taking monthly progress picture of yourself. You can use the pictures in post #1 as a starting progress picture.

    If you want to get lean, you got to eat clean...a useful phrase to remember even though it doesn't apply to everyone, namely those with a high metabolism but the basic principle still applies. Calories in vs calories out...

    Good luck
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    that beer belly.....
  6. if u run for 4-6 months at least 3-4 days a week with a good controlled diet that beer belly will be pretty flat.. add in some weights on the other days and you'd be in pretty good shape.. The question is do u have the motivation and will to do it? Hopefully you will get to a stage where u are automatically addicted to exercise.

    Bottom line is u can get rid of that stomach within 4 months.. and seeing instant results in the first... its how bad u want it?

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    I have not drink beer or any alcoholic beverage since college.. that like 5 years ago.
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    You need to set yourself some goals and surpass them..
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    I used to be really skinny and I was too lazy to workout. I had dumbbells at home, but was too lazy to exercise mainly because I felt alone. I watched a lot of Youtube videos to inspire me to work out more. (like workout videos and martial arts films.)

    I also recommend you getting the NIKE TRAINING CLUB app and the NIKE+ Sportwatch GPS. You can keep track of your daily goals and you can share it on Facebook and Twitter.
    Get someone who supports you to go to the gym with you, like your wife. :)
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    First of all, start believing in yourself.

    You see all those buff guys in the gym? Well, they must have started somewhere. Maybe get yourself a trainer and stay dedicated for exercise. I dont go to the gym myself, but I hear from people that your diet is crucial for getting the body shape you want.

    Good luck. Hard work will never betray you!
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    Dude....Its all about attitude. Prove them wrong. You say you're a vegetarian. How much carbs (bowls of white rice, starchy food - bread, etc...) do you consume? Reduce your carb intake. Cut out all sugary drinks, none of that diet stuff or fruit juices. Way too much sugar. Drink water. Good Luck and keep us posted with your progress.
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    lol actually for a gut like yours the easiest way is probably just to have gastric bypass surgery.

    Not saying you shouldn't make some actual efforts to go work out and eat healthy, but you can always consider having surgery to get the ball rolling. Book an appointment with your family physican and request a consultation with a specialist.
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    I'm not going to sugar coat this; in answer to your question? Yes, you are fat. That belly is absolutely disgusting on a 30 year old man given the rest of your physique. But what's worse is your lack of motivation for which that fat is nothing more than a symptom of the psychological disease. Forget about all those fitness programs. They won't work unless you're motivated enough to stick with them; sadly, it's obvious that you're not. Why do you think those strap and lean guys at the gym look that way? They're no better than you, but they certainly think differently; their strength is in their minds and their bodies are a reflection of that. As you stated, you've gone so far as to have spent money on facilities that you know you'll never use. Pardon me for saying so, but I find that to be tragically sad. You certainly don't want it to be that way but you can't seem to get your mind framed into a mode of physical action.

    Also, time is running out for you. While it may not be a tremendous health danger today, your medical risks multiplies every year you wear that gut. Imagine what you'll look like at 50, that is, if you live that long. Also, I'm not disagreeing with anyone here, as all the encouraging messages I understand are meant well. But to the OP; I agree more with Fearless_fx that the first person you need to speak with is your doctor. Find out where you're at in terms of cardiovascular fitness and then take stock of your dietary inventory. How much exercise can you tolerate; what things you eat, and how much incidental exercise you get on a daily basis? Then figure out a way to make your life fit into a pattern that is conducive to loss of excess weight. Another alternative which he mentioned is surgery, but in your case, I disagree. I doubt that any physician would even consider it. Your's isn't really morbid obesity (like Gov Christie of New Jersey). Again, it's simply lack of motivation. You may do better with a psychologist or therapist. Either way, speaking with your doctor is the first step. If push comes to shove however, joining the military may be a hard and extreme last resort, but they will literally kick that fat ass off of you.

    I wish you well and good luck.
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    It looks like you are inhaling to make your stomach bigger, either way you are fat but not yet to the point of no return. If you want to start losing weight, watching your diet is the first thing you need to address, cut back on the fatty, sugar and carbohydrate foods.

    If you have certain health issues, go see your doctor and get a blood test to make sure. As for working out, you can do some very simple things for exercises, start with just walking for a 1/2 hr or a hour. Push ups, sit ups, squat, jumping jacks, jump roping etc. So many options that doesn't cost much or anything at all. Just start slow and work your way up.

    It really comes down to you getting your ass up and move, your lack of motivation and excuses are not going to cut it.

    Once you start moving, you will want to move but if you are going to do nothing than it's going to stay that way.
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    Thanks you guys for the response. But I cannot believe this..I was very so focus all week from the stuff you guys had say. I started to eating healthy also all week and was determine to get some excerise in on the weekend to start off... but Sat&Sun came and I ate whole Large box cheese pizza by myself when my wife was at wrk. I also down several cup & bowl instant noodles. Not to mention some frozen yogurt. And by the time It was over I was soo sleepy and tired to do any exercise.
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    Look, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that the only way to change is if YOU BELIEVE you can change. Nothing is going to come to you if you sit around and wait. You are lacking self confidence, determination, and motivation. If you want to lose the weight I would suggest you find a personal trainer, as they can offer a much more in depth routine/workout for you. A personal trainer can help guide you in the right direction and since it seems like you have not exercised in a while some activities may not be the best for you and your lifestyle. (work place habits, sitting on a chair all day during work) Some exercises may not be suitable for you at the start so its best if you get a personal trainer that can work 1 on 1 with you to help you set up something. Keep in mind that change is something that is very hard to achieve. It is also a very slow and tough process. Once you start exercising you will become more confident in yourself, and feel better. Perhaps you and your wife can go to the gym together and offer each other motivation.

    Good luck.
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    Forgive me for saying so, but your 'back and forth' over the years, of 'wanting to quit' (excess food) and then back sliding sounds tremendously like substance abuse or drug addiction, ie. similar to an alcoholic. In your case, I would suggest doing the same 12 step program that other addicts use. Again, in your case, your biggest failure is in your lack of control, and that is a function of the mind. In addition, while it is common to feel a bit drowsy after eating, what's troubling here is your mention of " the time It was over I was soo sleepy..."The inability to handle large carbohydrate loads is worrisome; it could be heralding a pre-diabetic disposition. I suggest you go to see your doctor for a Glucose Tolerance Test.
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    Yes honestly I do admit I have an addiction for food and especially at night.. I would have craving for a meal before I would go bed.. sometime it would be instant noodles or a piece of cake with frozen yogurt. My biggest demon is not being able to say no. Especially when I'm up late working on sometime or watching somethin. I would want a snack.. once I start with a snack it would eventually turn into another meal. The problem is I'm not strong enough in my head to say no.. I feel horrible
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    Your statement above is pretty classic for addictive personalities, that of obsessive uncontrolled consumption of a substance, then followed immediately afterwards by an intense feeling of remorse and self hatred. Again, you should investigate the 12 step support system similar to those used by alcoholics, drug addicts, and even anorexics and bulimics. It isn't a cure, but rather an adaptation to steer you away from your learned food behaviors. Here's a link for you to start: Food Addicts Anonymous

    But again, in all seriousness, your previous statement of extreme drowsiness after eating is a worrisome sign that your body may be becoming diabetic; please see your doctor and have your blood sugar metabolism tested.