Dinner at Yao's

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  1. EWING: What kind of food do they serve here?

    MUTOMBO: Chinese.

    EWING: I know Chinese. But what kind of Chinese? Snake? 'Cuz I don't eat snake.

    YAO: No snake. In China, yes, but you're not in China.

    EWING: Well, I don't eat pork, duck or chicken either. Only shrimp and fish [and beef].

    MUTOMBO: I eat anything.

    EWING: [Browsing through the black leather-bound menu] What's the speciality here?

    YAO: Uh. ... [Looks at menu and shrugs.]

    Ewing, Mutombo and Yao order coconut curry prawn, General Tso's chicken, fried rice with shrimp, Mongolian beef, garlic basil prawn, Szechuan prawn and white rice.

    MUTOMBO: [Sipping a virgin strawberry daiquiri] I like your restaurant, Yao. It's made for 7-footers and guys like Patrick Ewing, who is really 6'9". [Ewing has always been listed as 7 feet.]

    EWING: Hey, I may be 6'9", but I'm a bad 6'9".