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  1. ^spoilers are welcome in the disscussion threads.
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    i think this series is good, but i don't get why the ratings are so low and does anyone know where i could download Bosco's song?

    nevermind i found it
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    Spoil me Nirvania! Lol, I really want to know the ending.. I hope nobody dies because from the theme song, the people were crying at a grave thing.. I wonder if Bobby dis!
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    ya this series is really great!!
    i am already on episode 30 ...cant wait the next haha
  5. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?


    To read spoilers, highlight the invisible text

    Michael wanted to take over Onisac and made a deal with Eric's father. Michael conspired with the owner of a land in Vegas to sell it to Eric's father in exchange for shares of Onisac's. There is actually a lot of problems with the land and nothing can be build on it. Michael also blackmailed Leanne too. Benz found out from Leanne and ask Bosco if it's true but Bosco said he doesn't know the details. Bosco then called Michael and said Benz seemed to know something about the deal. Michael then immediately met with Benz and Benz confronted him. Michael said it's true and there is no turning back. Benz was very disappointed with Michael and said he is going to to tell Bobby about what he found out. Just when he got out of the car, he was hit by Mr. Chan (Michael's partner) because he doesn't want him to expose them. Mr. Chan told Michael to leave the scene but Michael doesn't want to leave Benz for dead so he brought him to a small clinic. Benz was saved temporarily and Michael told him to hang on for two more days because that's when he will signed the contract with Eric's father.

    Benz told Michael that he only stood by him because they've been best friends for a long time and now he is very disappointed. Michael told him he is doing this because it is his only chance to regain all he lost. Benz told Michael that he wished the three of them (including Bobby) could have hot pot again and just talked and have beer but it is too late to go back....Michael finally decided to drive Benz to the hospital but his injury was too severe and he died in Michael's car... down.gif He then buried his body.

    On the day of the signing of the contract, Michael told Bosco to visit Bobby and prevent him from doing anything that could ruin the deal. Bosco went to Bobby's house and he tried to stall him. Then Bobby's phone rang and it was Florence calling to say she investigated and found out the land was a waste and the deal was a scam. Bobby tried to leave but Bosco hit him and Bobby became unconscious. Bosco took Bobby to the middle of the forest. Bobby woke up and tried to reason with Bosco. Just then Mr. Chan showed up and tried to kill both of them. Mr. Chan told Bosco that this is all a set up by Michael. Bosco couldn't believe it....they tried to run and Bobby pushed Bosco down the slope to save him while he faced Mr. Chan and his people. Mr. Chan shot him (this is the scene shown in the themevideo) and he also fell down the slope. Bobby and Bosco keep on running and jump off a cliff and luckily jumped into a garbage truck (this was also the scene shown in the themevideo when you see Bobby and Bosco cheering together).

    Bobby and Bosco then found Michael at a bar but it was too late. Michael had already signed the deal. Michael said Bobby has lost and that Bosco was now useless to him. Bosco then sort of put the pieces of the puzzle together and realized that he was the one that tipped off Benz knowing about the deal to Michael and asked Michael if Benz's disappearance have anything to do with him. Bobby asked if Michael killed Benz like he tried to with him and Bosco. Michael kept yelling NO.

    Michael's mother died and when Michael visited her grave he asked why everyone around him is abandoning him. Jessica told Michael that everyone left because they are disappointed at what he did and who he had become. When Jessica turned to leave, Michael grabbed her leg and begged her not to leave him behind...

    Back at the hotel, Michael told Jessica that he will treasure her from now on. It was sweet how Michael was smiling while looking at Jess sleeping. When Michael was taking a shower, Jessica opened his laptop and copied the files that has the evidence of him laundering money from the casino. Jessica gave the disc to Bobby and they looked at the files together and Bobby said the info is useful. Bobby looked at her and Jessica said all she cared about is Benz right now and this info could be used to force Michael to reveal where Benz is.

    Next day, Bobby called Michael and said he has the disc. Michael became very angry knowing it was Jessica that betrayed him. He then said the info on the disc are fake. Michael said he'll give Bobby one more chance and will tell him where Benz is if he'll gamble with him and win. Bobby arrive at this warehouse where Michael is waiting. Bobby saw Jessica was hanging by a rope from the roof. Michael then light the rope and said if Bobby can win him before the rope breaks then he'll release her and tell him where Benz is.

    They gambled and Michael lost (Michael has 4 of a kind but Bobby had the royal flush). Bobby said even the god is helping him and he can't lose. Michael is going crazy and said Bobby's chance of winning today is ZERO and SHOT THE ROPE........

    Jessica fell............Bobby rushed to Jessica and luckily there were mattresses underneath and she was not hurt. Bobby then told Michael that he realized what this is all about. He said Michael never wanted to hurt him or Jessica. Michael had been struggling whether to reveal where Benz is as well as what he has done but does not have the courage to do so so he left it to fate to decide in the poker game with Bobby.

    Michael then confessed all his crimes and he goes to jail at the end. He tells everyone that he knows now that a lot of people did a lot for him and all he did was betrayed and sacrificed them. He said his happiest times was having hot pot dinner with Bobby and Benz....

    At Benz's funeral, Bosco still feel guilty for causing his death. Also Florence told Bobby that she just received a new purse that Benz had sent her (before he died). Bobby told her that this is probably the first time that he ever sent a gift to a woman. Florence then said she regrets not starting a relationship with him sooner...

    Jessica told Bobby said she is going to a vacation. Bobby then visited Michael in jail and they talked. Bobby said Bosco was suppose to come but his son had a fever so it sounded like all three of them made up....(Bosco's son name is Fu Gwai and he calls him Fu Gwai Jai).

    Flash forward to TWO YEARS LATER....

    Tavia is pregnant with their second child at the very end. The whole family (including Jessica's family but not Jessica) is spending the day at the beach. Bosco said he received another postcard from Jessica but Bobby said all the postcards she send with her pictures looks so blurry. On the beach, Bobby keeps seeing Jessica everywhere but it was just his imagination. Then Jessica walked up to him and did that funny face she always make and Bobby did it back to her and they both laughed....but then this was also just Bobby's imagination....then we see another woman in a dress walking up to him (shot from the back and we only see her legs, it looked like Jessica though). That was the end so I'm not sure if some scenes were cut and there is more after that scene.

    Credits to Kenji1234

    To Read Spoilers, Highlight the invisible text

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    fantastic show man! :D gogo!
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    Can't wait to see next episodes. Is it truly ending at episode 35?
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    Wow, thanks for spoiling the series =].. Erm, I like bookmarked this page and kept checking back for your post lol!

    Thanks so much for it =].

    I think the ending is alright from what you've said.. I hate what's gonna be happening on the last paragraph though >.<
  9. Nirvania lol when i mean spoilers i mean the stuff that has been aired already were allowed to talk about! not episodes that has not been aired yet or spoilers you've read in the newspaper or another site... thank god you posted it in white or else i would be very upset if i have read it...i have a habit of doing that too -noclue
  10. don

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    omg i couldn't resist and read like 1 sentence
  11. Nirvania

    Nirvania I'm BRACK!?

    ahahahahahahahahahahahah -oopsie

    so shinobi, how much did u read before you realized it?
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    i think this is one of TVB best series lately! All cast acted very well and the story line of this story are good just some bit are kinda boring. Bobby character is the most interesting character n i felt really sorry for him sometime too. Bosco acted very well with his character but i dislike his character cos he kinda dump by always listen to michael n treat michael as his god or something. Over this series is GREAT n Recommended to every1. I'm nearly finish 3 more chapters to go can't wait n its better b a good ending!
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    omg..i just read the two years later and the baby sentence -_- ....gah *takes shoe off and throws it at Nirvania* wasnt expecting anyone to know how the series ended =p
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    read a few lines of the spoiler... i wished i didn't cause when i watch it now, i'll know what's happening and it won't be that interesting lol <_<
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    why is bobby's face orange during the series?
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    I read the spoilers too, but I'm always so impatient that I actually like it being spoiled! I'm getting so involved! Even though Michael's character keeps getting worse and worse, I'm still cheering for him and Jessica!
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    Hahahaa lol, I do too rastlina! I just don't have the patience to wait for the ending. I just have to read some spoilers stuff. It's like a disease! It's spreading, we're all gonna die! LOL.
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    bobby really surprised me with his acting. he's so great in funny, comedic roles. but he's really good in serious roles too. his reaction when he found out his parents had died was really emotional/touching. too bad db aren't getting good ratings while crappy show like tgwl have 33-34 ratings. sorry to myo fans.
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    I dun really like the the last part of this series!!..ahha i started losing intrest after eps 18 lol...
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    OMG OMG OMG OMG i just finished the 2nd last episode and it had the most dramatic changes and it all of a sudden have so much intense scenes on it, its unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! ok ok...its not THAT exciting....but it definately wasnt boring omg i just cant wait for the last episode *drools*