Denise Ho thanks Anita at Chik Chak Awards

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    Monday January 2, 2006 Hong Kong

    The 903 Chik Chak Award Ceremony, the second report card given out to singers, was held on Jan 1, 2006. A total of 41 awards were presented. Yesterday many award winners cried including Endy Chow and Denise. Upon announcement of the silver award (female singer) winner, Denise shoke hands with Joey and gave her a big hug, smashing the earlier discord rumor. Denise remarked that she felt very lucky for having support from people who adore her, like Eddie Lau who specially flew back to HK to watch her in the ceremony. She thanked others that excuse her bad temper from time to time. She was sobbing while thanking *someone* who always stands by her and lead her the way to do whatever she wants. Then she looked up to the sky, and everyone understands this someone is Anita. Denise's mother was also touched to crying.

    In the middle of the ceremony, Jan Lamb and To Man Jak were joking about the singers. They said Denise is the Da Chang Jing / Wen Zheng Hao in the music biz. Denise immediately went bowing when she heard this.

    Besides, during the countdown function held in Causeway Bay on midnight Jan 1, Denise was listed as the RTHK top 10 singers, and she said this recognition is her best new year present. She almost cried and said this is her 10th year in the show biz, and winning this recognition indicates that she's made a little success! She went on saying she's not greedy and won't think too much about winning awards in the 903 award ceremony. She felt that last year she got zero mark, and this year she's already very satisifed for getting 70 marks. Her working attitude has changed starting in 2005. In the past she was a little immature. She wouldn't do things if she didn't want to do, but right now she becomes more enthusiastic. She thinks in a more mature way with a long-term perspective. When asked what is her big plan for 2006, she said she hoped to have her first colesium concert in October. Right now, most things are still at the planning stage.
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jan 7, 2006.