Deep In The Realm Of Conscience - 宮心計2深宮計 (2018)

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    English Title:

    Deep in the Realm of Conscience

    Chinese Title:



    Fong Chun Wah


    Steven Ma
    Nancy Wu
    Annie Liu
    Alice Chan
    Chrissie Chau
    Candy Lo
    Edwin Siu

    During the reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, LI LONGJI (Steven Ma) and his aunt PRINCESS TAIPING (Alice Chan) launch a coup that kills ambitious power-seeking EMPRESS WEI (Michelle Yim), restoring PRINCE OF XIANG, LI DAN (Li Hung Kay) to his throne! Beneath the palace’s tranquil façade lurks an undercurrent of tension…… At the imperial court, the rivalry between LI LONGJI and PRINCESS TAIPING intensifies, like oil and water! Within the palace, the infighting between the head of Imperial Household Bureau, WANG ZHEN (Nancy Wu), and the consorts is running rampant! Some people act against their conscience for power, while others give up everything else for the sake of their loved ones! The genuine characters demonstrated by Longwu Guard REN SANSHU (Kenneth Ma), revenge seeker HE LI (Edwin Siu), Scribes YUAN YUE (Annie Liu) and GAN RUOQIAN (Jacqueline Wong) embellish the palace with a touch of romance…… Deep in the palace, layers of mystery surrounding horrifying secrets are exposed! Beyond the walls, soul-stirring love and hate stories are staged……

    Airing May 21st replacing Daddy Cool 逆緣

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    Chrissie Chau KLF in this?
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  3. lol klf dont make it on the poster :p

  4. theme song by Nancy
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    They should make Chrissie wear those push up bra like the empress of china drama. Guarantee rating success!
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  6. Annie Liu pretty and cute she's bringing that pearl princess feel back lol (wan ju gak gak) :yes:

    Her speaking makes it sound modern she was practically rapping in one of the scenes :nikkitroll:
  7. who is the actress that play the prisoner locked for 20 years? dont recognize her
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    wait what? there is finally an actress' name that shinobi doesnt know

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    Why was Annie Liu's sister killed?What was Steven Ma's character questioning Jan Tse about? Why did he kill her?
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  10. had to fix your tagg was revealing :kenn: