Danny Chan Wins Best Supporting Actor Award

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    Best known for his resemblance to Bruce Lee and portraying the legend in different dramas. Danny Chan's (陳國坤) hard work has finally paid off winning him the Best Support Actor Award at the "27th Huading Awards" for his role as Bruce Lee in "Ip Man 4:The Finale"-《葉問4:完結篇》.

    Sharing his thoughts on stage, he was thankful for the award and that the award was very meaningful to him. He hopes that action movie actors can get more recognition from everyone. The award acts as an encouragement and motivates him to work even harder.

    "Ip Man 4:The Finale" concludes the journey of Ip Man and is Donnie Yen's final portrayal of the Wing Chun master.
    After his son is expelled for fighting, Ip Man travels to San Francisco in the hopes of finding a suitable school for him in America. After he saves the daughter of a prominent Chinese community leader from bullies, Ip Man is unwillingly drawn into a dispute with a racist US Marine commander. Can the peaceful and principled martial artist prevail once more against overwhelming odds?

    source: mingpao