Copying / Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

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    Wow, I had just started to pinpoint some startling similarities between Gem of Life and Pride and Prejudice. I mean, did TVB copy again?

    Just some of the stuff jumps out at me ... the mom, trying to marry daughters off to rich men. The younger one's (Jessica) relationship getting in the way of the older one (Constance).

    Terrence trying to stop his dad with Jessica is almost exactly the scene where Mr. Darcy stops Mr. Bingley from chasing Jane. The older one (Constance) risking her love for Terrence to "sing chuen" Jessica's relationship with the dad and saying how it's not possible for her to be with someone so adamant against her sister (exactly like Elizabeth getting pissed at Darcy for stopping her sister's relationship).

    Maybe I'm just being a nerd? Haha......I find that it's kinda similar in some respects.

    Of course I must also say that Gem kind of give a more complicated spin... but still. The original idea seems like Jane Austen to me.

    Any ideas?
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    I agree on what you said, there really are a lot of similarities, but regarding the copied/inspired, I don't think it's necessary the case, though it's only my opinion...

    The novel was published in 1813, which is almost 200 years ago. I'm sure that Jane Austen when writing her novel had many real life examples that inspired her, as we know that art imitates life and vice versa. So I don't think the writers for Gem had to resort to 'copying' Pride and Prejudice(unlike the blatant case of The Apprentice though I'm still not sure if it's outright copying), because within the time frame of 200 years I'm sure that lots more events regarding the human behavior and complexities of families have happened, even more so perhaps, for truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it? :)

    As for inspired, that's probably more plausible, and of course a huge number of art had been inspired by something including previous works (of art), one way or another.