Christine Kuo and William Lok are already married

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    19 Oct – Although the couple is set to hold their wedding later today, Hong Kong professional racer William Lok recently revealed that he and actress Christine Kuo are now legally married.

    As reported on HK01, Willia confirmed that the two of them have already registered their marriage earlier, and had a wedding in Canada on 18 September - which was also a surprise event that he organised for his wife.

    The racer stated that he knew she had plans to visit her family in Canada prior to their wedding, so he decided to arrange an intimate wedding with the help of Christine's family members and old friends.

    William also booked a castle in Toronto for their special day to fulfill Christine's fairy tale dream.

    According to Christine, she realised her fiancé was acting weird the day before the surprise wedding, and only realised that there is something fishy when he brought the dress to Toronto.

    "I thought we were going to take some wedding pictures and assumed that it was the surprise he was going to give me," she said.

    However, she was very surprised upon finding out that it was a real wedding and that William was even able to invite friends whom she hasn't even seen in more than ten years.

    "I can tell he made a lot of effort for this surprise. I was so happy," she enthused.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Oct 19, 2018.