Chinese Couple Kicks Robber's Ass

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    Thumbs up for the good guys -worship


    Another source with more extensive video interviews and political commentary on the pros v cons of use of force for self defense by Canucks:

    Damn, but I never realized that Canadians were subject to such ridiculous use of force vis a vis self defense rules. Granted, no one wants to see another Trayvon Martin type case, but to be arrested after one is defending him or herself from being robbed? My suggestion? Let's go rob the Canadian legislature. I bet the laws would change immediately after that, LOL...
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    Not a smart move, he could had been stabbed, but lucky for him, things worked out and it's funny how one of the robbers got punched in the ass and the best part was the kicks in the face by the wife...
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    these guys clearly dont know how to rob a store...soft ass punks...what is dangerous about this situation is retaliation since they know where he works and can probably follow him him
  4. Hahahahaha that dude was getting ass spanked.. And when that girl kicked him I was like... OOOOHHH SHIIIT
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    Good job and lucky that the shop owner didn't get injured. Those thiefs were definitely noobs, they were armed, they could have done something. Shame on him for getting caught and get shamed on cam.
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    props to the owner, but i'd be a lot more careful from now on as retaliation is something that's definitely possible. i'd have crapped my pants if i was in his situation.
  7. Lmaooooo...spanked him like a lil child
  8. LOOOOOOOL how calm was he... just causally gettin the spray... and shiiiii how the wife kicked him in the face... Damn...