China's Gay Shock Therapy

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    Meet the Chinese LGBT activists bravely uncovering dangerous, unproven gay conversion treatments.

    Chinese LGBT activist John bravely goes undercover to report on ‘conversion clinics’ who claim they can ‘cure’ gay people. Almost fifteen years after the Chinese Psychiatric Association stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental illness, unproven treatments, including electric shock therapy, are still being prescribed. John tells us that according to Confucius, ‘having children is the most important thing a person can do for their parents’ and, that it is often parents who submit their children for these unproven conversion treatments.

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    People lie in order to make money from these desperate parents....
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    Such nonsense !

    So sad to see people who accept to receive electric shock to "heal" something. They don't think it's strange.

    It's so difficult to change people's mind.
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    What kind of logic is that?

    I don't think being gay is a mental problem. And even if it is, don't think electric shocking works.

    Having said that, I do wonder how much of the gays "think" they are gay because of social media / internet. This is why I'm saying this ... I have a coworker. Her teenage stepson said he's gay and he is a woman inside. So, her stepson wanted to get a sex change surgery and dress as a woman. Anyway, long story short, she and her husband found out her stepson has been visiting some website / social media that "promotes" LGBT. And claimed anyone that don't believe they are L/G/B/Ts as oppressive family members / friends / community and they are the victims. After multiple stays at mental hospital (not for the gay; but, for the threat of killing his family and himself) and separation from internet / social media, it turns out he's not gay afterall. Almost similar to teenagers that kill people for "Slender Man".

    Once again, social media / internet and younger generation living in "Idiocracy" / mass-zombieness world.
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    One of the things that respondents to this thread must realize is that Chinese society is heavily reliant on the precepts of Confucian thinking. Much like how the US is religiously addicted to concepts arrived at by the centuries old "framers of the constitution" as indisputable gospel, it would be impossible to function in today's world without at least some acknowledgement of Confucian thought, as archaic as they may seem under today's social prism.

    Did homosexuality historically exist in the celestial kingdom? Of course. Dynastic records, ancient artwork and Chinese historic writings are replete with ample references. Also, from this aspect, Confucianism doesn't deny or malign homosexuality. What it instead focuses on is the idea that procreation is a form of filial piety. So in essence, it isn't saying so much that homosexuality is bad as much as it's saying that furthering the lineage is a way of honoring one's parents and that is good.

    Having said that, charlatans come in all shapes, sizes, color and creed, and they usually rear their ugly heads if there is sufficient market for them. Take the case of the Hong Kong woman who reportedly gave thousands of dollars and then slept with a perpetrator of a fraud scheme, after she ignorantly but fearfully sought help for the Y2K computer glitch known as the "Millennium Bug." After listening to the news warn of its impending arrival and knowing next to nothing except that it was full of potential woe, the panicked woman, unfortunately fell prey to a huckster who fleeced her savings and then to add insult to injury, filched her virtue too. It was only after she finally told her adult children did her stupidity, ignorance and victimization come to light. Likewise, the fear of Chinese parents over not having future progeny isn't new. Spirit Marriages is but one aspect of the perpetual search for completion of lineage continuation, even if only in the afterlife.

    Thus, Chinese are especially vulnerable to these sorts of scams which purport solutions to their fear of unsuccessful lineage continuance; if homosexuality is in the way, then it must be "fixed" right away. So it isn't any surprise that there are now people who will claim possession of this gay fix, for a slight fee, of course ;)

    Note, this isn't in any way specific to China. US gay "conversion" therapy has been around for years and has been roundly ridiculed. But that doesn't stop some from continuing to seek out such treatments and others from giving it to them, for a small fee, of course.

    Oh, and your case above, ab289, I don't think homosexuality was the sole issue, rather I suspect the stepson has a whole variety of mental disorders, including sexual confusion. His inability to sort out and cope with the issues presented in media vis a vis his own life probably was a factor in his outcome. But one cannot blame the internet any more so than one can blame, say... cream cheese. That is, the internet is going to be there. It was his inability to decipher the information that was the problem. I think he likewise would have had the same extremist outcome had visited a Neo Nazi, Satanist, or perhaps even a Born Again web site. He seems to be an empty vessel looking to be filled, if you get my drift.
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