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    Soooo....I'm looking for ideas of good clubs to go in Shanghai/HK mostly. Any suggestions?
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    In HK, most of the clubs that people go to are in Lang Kwai Fong. So I would head there if you wanted to go clubbing.

    Edit: Just noted that this post was from a while back so probably you have already been on your trip, but I guess for anyone else reading or wanting information, that would be the advice I would give.

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    i'll jump on this post too and any advice/suggestion on what to do and where to go in hk will be appreciated! :)
  4. Phoenix

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    Do all the touristy stuff
    - TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) for the avenue of stars, bruce lee statue although the TST light show is overrated, the sky100 display was bit better tbh.
    -Shopping in Lady Street,temple street ~ Mong kok area and you can check out Stanley market as well,
    - Jade Markets
    - Ride the trams (ding ding) and starferry
    -Go and see the Big Buddha and you gotta check out the Peak/sky100 as well for the views ~ best to plan that on the day due to weather and stuff.
    -Lan Kwai Fong if you into the drinking scene
    -Temples, Wong Tai Sin and Che Kung temple** ~ there's plenty around but u can google them up.
    -Wishing trees in Tai Po
    **if u are into Bruce Lee then u can plan the visit to Che Kung temple and Bruce Lee Musuem on the same day cos its in the same area. (Wednesdays are free LOL)
    - hiking/picnic at Dragons Back
    - BBQ or seafood at Sai Kung
    - Ocean park/Disneyland ~ pricewise disneyland is like 100hkd more expensive than ocean park. Disneyland is small but you can still have a good time though. I know I did at both places lol.
    If you got relatives or friends that are local in HK, ask them to take you around ~ but everything is pretty much quite simple and relatively easy to find and travel to.
    - food wise you will not starve there's like plenty of food places around from stalls to cafes to restaurants etc, majority is cheap and cheerful and filling.
    - travelwise - the train system MTR is simple, big double decker buses are ok ~ its the smaller 16 seater buses you gotta be bit more careful of in terms of checking the destination of the bus etc but its like super fast ~ compared to back home speed limit is like 30mph, over there its like 70/80 minimum lol.
    There is more stuff to do and I'm sure you will probably research it as well ~ depends on how long you going for as well.
    I would suggest you going over to Macau as well ~ and if you got time to, you can go to the islands as well.
    Hope this was helpful, have a fun and safe trip!

    p.s remember to haggle the prices when you shopping in the markets!!!
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    Any suggrstion for Basketball locsl communities,.parks, gym in Kowloon, HK, or China?