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  1. smallrinilady

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    can someone explain to me the character relationship to one another

    i just started watching
    i think i'm at episode like 13 or something

    all i know is the grandma at one point in time said "even though she dind't give birth to" the 'go san'

    that confused me

    and do sister and brother that are living in the next apartment act a little to close to each other, or did i get there relationship wrong

    and why do the two single guys have such a love/hate brother-like relationship? cause they always talk about how they grew up together and junk
    but i thought they weren't related

    can someone clear things up for me
  2. AZN-511

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    just keep watching, they will explain the origin of everyone in the family.
  3. asiangang

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    yeah, keep watchin but ill try to tell u alittle more...hope it wont confuse u.


    so the grandma is married to the grandpa(obviously)

    The following are their children...阿仔(biggest son) , 阿Dee (their second son) and 阿亞喱(their daughter).

    Their biggest son (阿仔) got married to 阿番 and had a daughter(高B)
    when 阿番 came and lived with them, 阿咩( his brother) came too.

    阿番 and 阿咩 was basicallt raised by the grandpa because their mother left them a long time ago and tolf him to look after them.
    guess that should explain it..but if ur still confused u can always PM me.
  4. rsdl_michelle

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    one thing left out is that um the biggest son was the son of the grandpa with his first wife, who died. the current grandma is the stepmom

    ah meh and ah dee are so funny! i love them so much ^^
  5. LoloMelon

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    ah dee and ah leh are children of the see tau po with see tao
    ah dee and ah meh grew up with each other , very brotherly like
    ah fan was raised by see tao and so she and ah zhei were together since high school
    ah fan and ah meh moved in with see tao at the same time- thety are bro and sis
    ah fan's father was best friends with see tao


    lai goo che- see tao's half sister- same father
    fa- see tao's cousin
    she has a bro too, is ah zhi's best friend from childhood
    more characters will be there
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    haha....Thanks....i juz finished d show...thanx for d details.......
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    this show is still running in the states i think i lost count on whats happpening