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  1. the cases have been good so far.. the brother/sister love one... deep touchy subject
    and also the acting of the kei leh feh in the cases are good lol
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    That brother and sister case I found a little odd...

    The chances of such a large piece of glass flying that distance, even as another fragment penetrated the wall painting, is impossible. The fatal piece looked like it was several times the size of the one that went into the painting, hence of a mass and weight that would need much more energy to launch it that distance.
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  3. kevin

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    I know right, I still find it phishy. The mother is a huge suspect because the brother got knocked out, plus he was not present. No scientific evidence was done to prove that it was indeed an accident.
  4. Jeff

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    Case closed anyways. But its TVB, anything is possible even if defying the laws of physics. :D
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    0 to the next case :D

    Getting exciting the pronounsation of of Junior: papa -lol
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    ah man I wanted Myolie to win that case...what a shame. In reality cases like that is hard to flee away (no matter who is the lawyer) because they would collect the medical history and documentation for prove and therefore a piece of evidence.
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    this is getting lame...

    now myolie is gonna join that guy....and screw up kevin....then somehow....myolie will backstab that PK guy

    so predictable...
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    Moreover, wounds like that only bleed quickly AFTER the penetrating object has been removed. In other words, with the item still stuck in the wound, blood cannot come out easily. She should have had plenty of time to call for an ambulance. Moreover, the amount of blood seen on the floor is actually very little to have caused death. Thus, another TVB starlet succumbs to artistic license, LOL...

    Well, it seems that now (after ep 15) we know what kind of guy that big time lawyer, really is.
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    wow, that last case was just.. what an evil guy.

    anyway LOL @ the analysis of the brother-sister case. I agree that they let it go too easily. The glass stabbing her neck was just too ridiculous :facepalm: