Case 2 - flaw

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    There's seem to be problem about the murderer of the man who died. The murderer was supposed to be the guy's wife. As there was a flashback of her confessing to roger's dad that she killed her husband which in episode 9, which was why he decided to admit he killed the man . There was witness said there was strange women came out of the house which was shown it was the guy's wife. Suddenly it end up to be her friend Rose as the murderer who works in the florist shop. She said that guy was beating her up so she grabbed a knife and stabbed him and died - same as what the wife said to roger's dad. After that they claimed her as the killer not the wife, which was strange. In the hospital the policeman came to arrest the wife for killing her husband and she never proved her inocent and said that she wanted to wait for her son to wake up before she go and then suddenly Rose admit she was the killer. After that they ended the case and then onto the next case. Isn't that strange?