Can't Believe It's Finally Over

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  1. ralphrepo

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    Wow... I can't accept that there will be no more episodes. Considering that this ran for almost a year, it was a daily companion for many of us and we thought of some of those characters as actually being real people that we knew. I know this sounds rather ridiculous but there's going to be a real period of mourning for me; I'm genuinely going to miss those characters. The ending was typical TVB rushed and accelerated closure; it was like they crammed 30 episodes into a half hour finale.

    Warning, Spoilers: the ending went, that is, their playing a joke on the former undercover guy. Also, like someone in another thread stated; what happened to Icy and Gary? Instead, Gary ended up dating Go Ling, which is right out of the blue random. Also, in a run up to the finale, would Paula, being an ex-cop and undercover, really would have blow her superior's cover even if the case is over? I highly doubt it. Undercover cases which close are never openly discussed with anyone without an official need to know. Even if she had found out, she would have kept her mouth shut. Further, I found Paula's plot use as a covert police operative to be really underwhelming. I mean, her entire purpose for being undercover was explained in a five minute snippet of her getting evidence on some heretofore unknown gang activity within the company, and then it was done. So she spends an entire 300 or so episodes in the company only to solve a case that is minor subplot of one episode? That's really a stretch.
    At any rate, I think TVB has hit on a winning and successful formula (ie that of the long running half hour series) and they should stick with it. It has a way of pulling people in and keeping fans. I don't know how it impacts their cost benefits analysis, but television fans seem to give it really good marks.
  2. blueheart1985

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    It's finally over. I think I will miss that everyday a half hour longrunning serie.
  3. silentjess

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    Wow. yeah its such a sweet ending (before all the wierd cop & undercover stuff)
    nice they did a dance at the end..very nice team after all 337 episodes and Mr Dai Yim Sum demise.

    I think this is one project the cast will remember, and us will love.
    next one is the 80 episodes Queen of the Office. i think we',ll all compare one..
  4. candeee

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    0 sad that this series is over. Enjoyed watching the many, many episodes!!! And Wayne Lai + Teresa Mo!
  5. yiubun

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    heart broken!. =(
    as soon as i saw on the DL section [337 of 337]
    its one of those shows i look forward to every weekday
    now its gone.
    TVB says they "might" make a 3rd. and i hope they do. SOOOON!!!!
    now i've got all 337 might watch it from the start again.