Breakup raymond & tavia

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  1. creazn

    creazn Well-Known Member

    What do u guys think about the breakup of raymond with tavia??

    I thought they would resist the complains of raymonds parent..
    I think he also breakup because he cant take it any more that his parents suffer because of theire relationship & problems. 2 different lifestyles, and family.

    It is sad if in real life ur in deep deep love with a girl but because of (1 or both family) it wont work. But if i have 2 choose between my parent or a girl, i would say my parent... how hard it is..... because u dont know if the girl is the one and only.
  2. sindee

    sindee Well-Known Member

    I think Kingsley gave up too easily >;[ SLM is putting efforts to change herself just so his family will like her, she even plan to give up being a police for him! The scene when SLM was hugging Fei Sir in the bathroom and crying, I felt really sad for her =/ TBH I really don't see much 'sacrifice' or efforts Kingsley put into their relationship. I understand he can't go against his family and since he's a filial son I guess it's kinda expected for him to choose his fam over love -_-"
  3. elchino

    elchino New Member

    Itotally agree with you Kingsley gave up too easily!-pirate
  4. van22

    van22 Well-Known Member

    I can't stand tavia crying!!!!!!!! TOO FAKE!!! Chapter 19 drive me crazy!!!!!
  5. when tavia crys and trys to talk.. very annoying... but she sure crys fast lol
  6. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    not a big deal, cus
    raymond proposed to tavia at the end woot happy ending as usual
  7. mr_evolution

    mr_evolution ( • )( •ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

    Next time, dont put the spoiler as the title
  8. missgriezel13

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    I will choose my Boyfriend. Because I already did. Some parents are not that nice. My parents did a lot of sad things to break up the relation between my boyfriend and me.
    Now we are for 1.5 years together and I am happier then ever.
    I think sometimes you have to choose for the future and not the past.
  9. unkn0wn4life

    unkn0wn4life Active Member

    Well..Another reason why he wants to break up with her because he doesn't want her to suffer now or in the future. (Like how his family/relatives would embarrasses her during the event and she has to change to fit in with his family and sooooo on)
    I would dump my family and never see them again if I were to choose between them or my girl.
  10. Aceris

    Aceris New Member

    I'm sort of torn on how I feel about the situation. On one hand I understand based on the circumstances, his mother was in the hospital, and Tavia keeps being abused and embarrassed by his family etc why he did it. On the other hand I'm kinda annoyed of the fact it took the SOB this long to grow a pair and break it off instead of continuing to let Tavia do all the heavy lifting in the relationship and watch her suffer.
  11. bextung

    bextung New Member

    i think it really depend on how serious you want the relationship to be. i think if it was sure that the relationship wouldnt and couldnt last, e.g not marriage. then i would choose family first.
    but if there was definately a connection then i would hold on abit longer than raymond did. lol

    also since his parents are so snobby, its prob best he let go earlier than later.

    anyhow i think (well abit obvious) they will end up together by the end of the week ;]
  12. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    i think Tavia crying scene was very natural and her nose turn all reddish...
    very it and my heart pain.

  13. ackm99

    ackm99 Active Member

    i think raymond's parents were way too stubborn in this drama....hopefully the conflict can resolve or some accident will happen to make raymond realize that tavia is very important to him...seems like they do get back together at the end from the song opening scenes.
  14. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I hate her crying face. Don't hate on me, she's pretty and good actor. But i just hate her face when she cries, very annoying!
  15. yiubun

    yiubun Well-Known Member

    OMG... i cant stand tavia.
    especially her crying... =.=
    its soooo annoying and quite fake =\
  16. nightang3l

    nightang3l Well-Known Member

    the only thing i have to complain about the relationship is that they didn't really built much up upon it. All tavia and raymond did was go on some cases and dinner. thats it. i find it kind of stupid how tvb try to make it so dramatic when they didn't build up on the relationship between tavia and raymond.
  17. Sweetytc

    Sweetytc Member

    wow..I didn't know ppl disliked tavia :p
    I think she's pretty good though.
    The breakup scene was so sad =(
    I cried so much during these eps xD
  18. creazn

    creazn Well-Known Member

    haha did you really cried at the breakup scene :p
    yeah i must say it was how kam dong uhu

    it was kinda funny the moment raymond said ehm "ngo kai chor sow" XD

    but back ontopic.

    in this world there are so many girls...... it is impossible to directly say owwwww this girl is the one for me (tavia) and let down youre family and go to a other country or something you know.

    But yeah raymonds family sucked, they never gave Tavia a fair chance to prove how good she is......... After tavia saved raymonds mom she finally saw she is a good girl.

    HAha the other girl who lams Raymond was scared like hell when the kidnapper was after her LOL...... what a coward was she....
  19. e11ing

    e11ing Member

    I liked Tavia's acting during this part. She's a great actor...compared to many other, just my opinion. And she and Raymond look like such a good couple.
    I cried during that part, esp. the part after Kenneth came and she said she would be willing to not be a cop and even willing to never see her family again, just to be with him.
    I have to agree with the buildup on the relationship. It started out really cute. Then when they got together, she seemed like a completely different person, like with all the smiling. It was a bit creepy. Then suddenly, you're expected to believe they're in a serious relationship, even though there aren't many of the cutesy scenes, then a serious breakup...