Blackpink due to release "Blackpink: The Album" October 2nd

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    Since becoming the first K-pop girl group to perform at the US Festival Coachella back in April 2019, Blackpink had been expected to take over the US Charts by storm, however a turbulent 18 months delayed their debut album as their music label YG was embroiled in various scandals and the coronavirus put a halt to their touring plans.

    Thankfully, fans are finally soon able to hear the full length rap/electro-pop influenced album. It is their first Korean release since their hit single "Kill this love" (2019), penned and recorded in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blackpink stated that this upcoming album "could get a lot of light and energy to everybody being stuck at home not knowing what to do hopefully this can cheer them up"

    Preceded by the hit singles How You Like That? and the Selena Gomez collaboration Ice Cream, the girls’ debut is likely to be one of the biggest K-pop albums of the year.

    source: allkpop
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