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    Here is a big problem with me among weight loss issue.

    My body weight is gain day by day and now is 163 pb. and I worried about this situation and want to know.How to loss weight in easy and Exact way..and need perfect instruction among exercise for good health and loss weight...

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  2. Tony

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    Cut calories and count them.

    Search up one of those calorie calculators. If you are 5'10" and you are "supposed" to eat 2,100 calories a day to not get fat or skinny, use that and trim some and start there.

    THE general rule is if you are fat (above 20% body fat) and you cut 500 calories per day (3,500 total), you will lose up to 1lbs per week.

    So do some math with your food and be a bit more picky.
    If you eat 2,100 cals/day = 14,700 cals/week.
    To lose 1lbs, then you must eat 1,600 cals/day = 11,200 cals/week.

    What can 1,600 cals entail? Look up some recipes and pay closer attention to the nutritional labels.
    1 8oz cup cooked white rice = 200 calories. If you buy a rice box every day, there is way more than 1 cup of cooked rice in there... it's at least two and then some entree meat/veggies. One rice box can easily net you 700-1200 cals depending on what you are consuming.
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    Your weight is 163 pounds? Jeez, I would kill to weigh around 180. I ballooned up to 240 at one point was down to about 175, then slowly gained it all back; I'm hovering around 200 right now. In terms of eating, carbs can be your worst enemy.
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    Here's an easy calculator to get your basal metabolic rate . Your number will be how much calories you need to just sustain your weight with no exercise. So either eat that much and add on some exercise or just eat below that amount. You can also eat less and exercise more, but be careful and make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs! Starving your body can slow down your metabolism and make losing weight even harder.

    Exercising is especially helpful because it speeds your metabolism up as you gain more muscle mass, since you burn more fat maintaining your muscles. Exercising in cool or hot temperatures also really speeds up your metabolism because your body has to expend energy maintaining a healthy temperature.
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    wats ur height?

    john wats ur height?
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    im 5'8 166lb (at the morning).

    Eat less carb, processing foods, junk food, sugars,
    Eat 5-6times a day.. drink 8 cup of water+


    Breakfast consist of 300-400 calories..
    Snack - 2hr after breakfast - maybe a yogurt & a banana/apple etc.
    Lunch - some Chicken breast, salad, vegetable.. etc.
    Post dinner 2-3hour , yogurt, etc
    Dinner - meat, some rice.. etc.
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    if you wanna lose weight cutting simple starchy carbs and doing a ton of cardio is pretty quick but if you want to build muscle in the process remember you need carbs but good complex carbs. I got pretty skinny by cutting carbs and doing cardio now i'm try to bulk a little bit and its pretty hard.
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    [N] you doing too much cardio. Maybe try run 30mins a day instead 1hr+.. and eat more.
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    hahahaha it was all good cause at that time i was doing like half marathon training style so it was expected now i wanna bulk up a bit still bench 205 so all my strength still there not any weaker but bulking soo much less stressful on your body although the results are very slow.
  10. EvilTofu

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    once you start running, you will build up your stamina over time and 30mins is nothing.
  11. Aznmask

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    Diet alone can lost the 5-10lb.. but beyond that you really need to do exercise. . After all exercise help you maintain it and increase endurance, strength and maintain your weight.

    If you want to lost 1 pound a week you have to eat 500calories less per day. So total of 3500calories in 1 week. Which equivalent to 1 Pound.

    Do not starve yourself to achieve that because it will backfire on you. If you hungry your body will eat your muscle and turn it into fat. (literally saying) You will gain weight (your body fat will increase lol)

    For myself i'm 5'8 166lb for few month but my body fat has dropped from 12.5% to 11.5%.. Even my weight are same but my bodyfat has dropped. Also my biceps/triceps/chest etc.. are bigger, waist are smaller, size 30 inch pant can be fit again. Since i go to gym 3-4times a Week.
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    You don't put on bodyweight quick! So you won't cut it fast. There are no magic treatments for losing bodyweight, and for maintaining it off. You need to get rid of more energy than you put in your body. 40 - 60 minute aerobic classes weekly with 4 or 5 toning sessions, swimming does both at the same time which is fantastic.
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    ^ i can pack on weight real fast if i wanted to hahaha. <- it's got a few ideas nd methods to losing weight in this e-book. take a look.
    i've been doing intermittent fasting for a week now. im gonna stick with it for 3more weeks nd see how it works.
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    Stop eating,
  15. SukhH

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    Follow Tony's steps..

    Find out what your Base calorie intake to maintain your weight and cut 500 kcals from it... eat properly in terms of small amounts but 6-7 times a day and dont go over this amount..

    If you dont lose anything after 2-3 weeks cut the calories again by 100-200 each week until you start losing 1/2lbs once you stop losing weight again you basically do the same thing and cut 100-200 kcals again until you start losing weight.

    80% of the battle for weightloss is in the food you eat.. eat right and the weight comes off.. start cheating by eating bad and you wont lose anything and then wonder why you didnt lose anything.
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    Well i have personally tried dividing my meals into 2 hours interval and eat only bout 4-5 meals a day. My total calorie intake a day is of cos still less then what my body requires to maintain my body mass. I lost weight doing so. Drink a lot water. I drink bout 4.5liters of water a day.
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    I think the best way to lose weigh is gradually, and by changing what you eat.
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    Oo, kind of late to put my two cents in, but I don't believe this was mentioned and it will contribute to you losing weight. It's not only what you eat and how much of it that matters, but also when you eat. If you're eating your heaviest meal 9 or 10 at night then shortly going to bed afterward, you're not giving your body the opportunity to burn off the calories, so it will be stored as fat. That and habitually eating late is not good for your liver anyway. Obviously, life happens and at times you can't avoid eating late, that's when being cautious about what and how much you eat will especially be important. Hope that helps! O! One more thing. Keeping a diet /exercise journal is really helpful not only to lose weight, but for your overall health. If you feel lethargic or in any way not up to par, so to speak, you can track what you ate/drank previously to help single out the possible cause. Yes, it is tedious and it does require you to be diligent, but once you get in the habit of writing it down it's very easy to continue. If that sounds too daunting, there are "weight loss / diet journal" apps you can download on your phone which will help you track your progress. Err..didn't mean to type such a long suggestion.. -blush Hope it works out for you.
  19. Retsyo

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    You weigh 163lbs?! How tall are you!! Honestly, if you are above 5'4" you DO NOT need to lose any weight. In fact it is even on the skinny side if you are 5'10"....

    Thing is if you want to maintain your weight you need to watch what you eat, try to consume more vegetables and fruits. I know the recommended "healthy and balanced" weight loss is diet + exercise...but honestly the fastest way to lose weight is to just eat less!! Depending on your intensity, you can workout for 50min, and solely burn like 350-500 calories...and once you eat another meal, it's all back . . . It is also recommended that you eat your last meal around 6:30 - 7:00pm, or don't eat 3-4hrs before you sleep, and eat your fullest meal during lunch and have a light dinner. What you eat matters a lot, there are just certain food that are more prone to being stored as fat, so try to eat healthier as well. And if you go hungry, just drink lots of water [warm water] {2-3L is the recommended daily amount} and that should keep you feeling full.