Bermuda Triangle

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    Three episodes of weirdness but it was pretty cool. Very interesting to learn how things tends to dissapear once you enter its perimeter. And to find out a clue is that aliens had something to do with this. Like every mystery has almost everything to do with aliens but it's a mystery. I don't know if this is true but I would probably think something weird is going on there. And about the ships sinking in waters of China was like unordinary. I think people should avoid going to these places.

    Do you believe it or not? Got any comments that you want to share? Feel free to response and interact with this mystery!
  2. to me the triangle has lot of megnetic force under the water thats why ships and planes get pulled down and compass and stuff go out of control.....this was back and days many planes and boats pass through the triangle and have no problems....but still weird that they can't any evidence of these planes and boats being pull down.....and importantly the missing people.
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    Hm, alot of people say it's this and that but I don't know which answer is true and what about that Air France situation that happened recently? Lol, I was pretty shocked and thought it had something to do with the Bermuda Triangle but from what I heard today.. they found some planes stuff to prove that it crashed while being struck by a lighting. May god bless the losts ones, :[.
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    I've always been interested by this, but i don't know what to think of it =\
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    This isn't really a mystery, it's just because there's been an amount of accidents around that area so people assume there's something fishy with it. It's mainly because of the methane hydrates, magnetic force, gulf stream, etc. that causes these accidents.
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    They say its due to do the Hutchinson effect. In which strong magnetic field cause electronics to malfunction.

    But what I dont understand is where does this magnetic field come from? could it be from the earths natural magnetic field
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    Personally i don;t believe have such thing.. i do believe that some ppl want to let the place goes hidden and no body goes there. so they can do certain thing they like
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    Well this show shows true statistics and accounts but they're selective in what facts they put in. One is that in the case of the missing planes, they didn't mention that the pilots were grossely incompetent with one losing 2 planes previously before. Also I think statistically, the Bermuda Triangle have a pretty similar number of missing vehicles and people with other Oceans and Seas.
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    One simple explanation... magnetic field