Barrack O'Karma - 金宵大廈 (2019)

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    English Title:

    Barrack O'Karma aka Golden Building

    Chinese Title:



    Yip Chun Fai



    Joel Chan
    Selena Lee
    Samantha Ko
    Jazz Lam
    Kelly Cheung
    Zoie Tam
    Bob Cheung

    Siu Wai-ming (Joel Chan) becomes a security guard at Twilight Mansion, a run-down place where dodgy characters roam around. He encounters an occupant by the name of Alex (Selena Lee), who is an air hostess and a dead ringer for some qipao clad woman that keeps clinging to him in his dreams. Siu gets closer to Alex and finds out they are somehow interrelated. Meanwhile, strange things keep happening at Twilight Mansion as life experiences and curious stories of other occupants take center stage. Siu shockingly finds out Alex is a mirage! Welcome to the 1960s and Coco (Selena Lee) is a hostess at Twilight Ballroom. She dreams of becoming an air hostess someday. She falls in love with Lau Yuk-fai (Joel Chan), who is a policeman and a dead ringer for some guy in her dream. Her fantastic dream is even adapted as a novel by bookstore owner Lam Yeuk-sze (Bob Cheung). Siu accidentally finds this novel from yesteryear as he just has to get to the bottom of the mystery. Siu is aghast when he finds out he and Alex had been destined to get intertwined in some previous life.

    Airing September 16th replacing Girlie Days 她她她的少女時代

  2. was waiting to finish to comment on this show loved it!

    great acting overall Joel really stole the show with his acting he did really well for his first lead?

    selena was good too she looked gorgeous!

    I liked the little stories more than the main one....the main story was actually abit confusing personally I dont like time travel/3rd dimension or whatever it was lol