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    I have been using "Listerine" every night before bed since college to keep my teeth clean and breath fresh. I don't have bad breath; just use it to prevent gingivitis and cavity since brushing alone doesn't get into the those "crevices" beneath the gum line or between the teeth. Problem now is that "Listerine" makes my mouth dry after each use so I switch to a new mouth wash calls "Biotene" which helps with dry mouth. Then recently, my dentist told me not to use it if I don't have dry mouth problem.

    Long story short, I ran into an old engineer professor recently who told me to use baking soda to goggle instead of buying a branded mouth wash. NOW the question, any of you use such a method? Does it work??

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    ^ ive heard of people use baking soda to make them diy masks or facial scrubs not as a mouth wash before though o_O
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    Haven't tried baking soda, but sometimes i rinse with salt water, helps the gums
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    I've heard that baking soda does have a whitening effect
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    I also heard baking soda helps with pimples too
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    if you don't rinse the baking soda out of your mouth, your mouth will end up really dry.
  7. There's a story on WikiHow about how to use Baking Soda for brushing your teeth - and yes it confirms that it will whiten your teeth also. Just google it.
    I've also discovered backing soda to be an excellent way to exterminate ants - best ant killer in the world. You mix equal parts Baking Soda and Caster Sugar and sprinkle it around - the ants gobble down the sugar and swallow baking soda as well and when the baking soda hits the tiny amount of moisture in their gut it bubbles up and expands (bi-carb soda reacts with water and fizzes up). What happens then is down to a scientific discovery that ants cant fart - who knows how they worked that out - but since they can't release the gas expanding in their gut, the expansion eventually causes thier body to fracture and explode - hence dead ant. I can confirm 100% that this really works - I used it on an acreage property in country australia and exterminated entire ant colonies overnight.
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    I have heard that you can wash your hair with baking soda, then condition with apple cider vinegar
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    I don't use baking soda; but, have read in a lot of places that its a cheap alternatives to brush your teeth.
    Make sure you buy the plain - not the scented used for carpet or any special additions type of baking soda
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