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Discussion in 'School Work Help' started by Iva, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Iva

    Iva Member

    Hi i have bad study habits! Ny ways i cn do to improve that!! I always get stressed wen its comes to test n finals!! Hep plz!
  2. MrCooperS

    MrCooperS Well-Known Member

    I wuld recomend not typin lyke dis 1st, so u can improov ur writin
  3. cmale123

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    put it simple exclude yourself from everyone even family this your only focus is school.
  4. tinywarrior

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    I consider you make a schedule of your whole week with days and times. So u can plan out from the start, doing bit by bit the homework and learning bit by bit for the exam. Of course you can also plan when to go out and have fun. This way, when the exams start, it is just reviewing all the stuff.And don't plan a tight schedule that u won't follow, have space between it e.g. 2-3 courses a day for each 30-34min. and then the rest is for fun :D
  5. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    ^but not everyone can stick to a shedule, we all learn things differently. What works for one may not work for others.

    On general guideline, break things down to bits like suggested above so it makes things easier at the end as you would be refreshing your memory.
  6. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Rewrite your notes in different colours w/ each colour meaning a different thing.. (like title, definition.. formulas..)
  7. Dh_135

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    just stay away from your phone, your laptop, and anything technology related unless you really need it. it's a huge distraction. turn off your msn if you're trying to study. de-activate your facebook for a week.

    it's really not that difficult if you put your mind on it. don't attempt to allocate a certain amount of hours to study.. it's not the quantity, it's the quality (cliche, huh?). when you're studying for finals and whatnot.. try to accomplish chapters or a certain amount of workload rather than say "i'm gonna study managerial accounting for 5 hours!" no need to stick to a strict schedule, but at least plan what and leave sufficient time for you to study. if it's that difficult for you, perhaps you shouldn't even be in post-secondary beyond high school.
  8. Dav

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    lololol, im so bad at this and i procrastinate like crazy...

    one piece of advice a close friend of mine gave to me is to dedicate 30 min - 1 hr a day studying and reviewing over the things you learned that day (i'm assuming you're in uni)