Bad Guy Lawyer Married To The Good Girl Editor?

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    I know Off Pedder was another show entirely. But somehow, I can't get used to the idea of the evil Ryan being married to saintly YunSerng. I wonder who does the casting in TVB? To have 2 similar format shows run almost back to back, with the same people taking diametrically opposed character parts, just leaves audiences very confused. They spent over 300 episodes stroking opinions, sentiments, and feelings in one direction; then at the drop of a hat, essentially tell you to forget about everything that you had seen.


    It's a great way to alienate viewers. (N)
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    So many questions being ask. I also have a question myself even tho it has nothing to do wit the topic, so forgive me. Japanese drama in general have only 12-13 episodes oppose to TVB's drama which are in the 20s. But y are the Japanese shows better and more creative than TVBs' even tho it's short but good?
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    Different regions believe in different lengths for their serials. HK seems to have settle around 20 - 30, while Japanese shows typically have 11 - 12. On the other hand, US serials (otherwise known as the "soaps") typically run for years. One particular US series, called The Guiding Light, ran for an incredible 57 years (from 1952 - 2009). -what?

    As to whether any of these shows are actually "better" than TVB shows? Well, that's a matter of personal taste. I've seen both good and bad series from Japanese television.
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    i think its ok that Ryan is good guy in this series..all actors take on different roles sometimes good, bad, etc.
    its to show how good they can work in the role!
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    ah, Ryan in this sitcom is Edmond. no wonder i was wondering Ryan married Yan Seong? how come i miss that part?? anyway, i think Edmond is acting as a good guy (so far) in Some Day.