Awkwardness between Jay and Zhou Xun during intimate scences in MV

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  1. 16/11/05]《四面楚歌》MV 周杰伦周迅亲热得很尴尬
    [16/11/05] Awkwardness between Jay Chou and Zhou Xun's intimate scenes in Si Mian Chu Ge MV


    新歌「四面楚歌」MV,在威尼斯拍摄时,知名造型师李大齐,大方出借女友周迅,担任这支MV的女主角。MV 中,周董和周迅不只要谍对谍,还有亲热戏,周杰伦和李大齐是好友,和好友的女友周迅拍亲热戏, 周董: 「真的很尴尬,因为周迅是好友的女友,拍起来有点奇怪。」,不过,周迅很重情义,连拍两天,分文不取,周杰 伦说:「这个人情,下次再还。」这支MV里,周董和周迅「双周」共舞,周杰伦说,「我的老师就是我妈叶惠美 。」,周妈妈曾学过一年多的国标舞,知道儿子在MV中有一段华尔滋浪漫舞,周妈妈连夜教儿子跳舞,周杰伦现 学现卖,马上派上用场。

    Si Mian Chu Ge's MV was filmed in Venice and famous stylist Li Da Qi generously 'lent' his girlfriend Zhou Xun as the MV's lead actress. In the MV, Jay and Zhou Xun acted as opposition spies and there's even intimate scenes. As Jay and Li Da Qi were best friends, Jay commented on fliming intimate scenes with best friend's grilfriend, "It was very awkward as Zhou Xun was my best friend's girlfriend. Felt a bit weird about it while fiming." However Zhou Xun was being very nice as she filmed for two straight days and did not request to get any fees for it. Jay said, "I will return this favour the next time." In the MV, the both of them danced and Jay said, "My teacher is my mum Ye Hui Mei." Zhou Ma Ma had learned a year of social dance and when she knew that her son needs to dance Waltz in the MV, she taught her son every night. Jay learned on the spot and used it.
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by hadouken, Nov 17, 2005.