Arnold Kwok denies cheating on girlfriend with Amber Tang

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    28 May – TVB actor Arnold Kwok has dismissed rumours that he has cheated on his girlfriend of three years, Karen, with Miss Hong Kong alumna, Amber Tang.

    As reported on On CC, the actor, who is also currently dealing with his DUI case, took to social media to deny the rumours, saying that he and Karen have actually ended their relationship earlier this year, but did not announce it to show respect to Karen, who was not part of showbiz.

    As for rumours that he and Amber have been surveying properties together, Arnold said that the beauty queen was only accompanying him to look at some residences close to TVB City.

    "I wanted to move closer to the company since my license got suspended. She kept me company since she had some free time. We are not living together," he said.

    It is noted that the actor's license has been temporarily revoked following his drunk driving case in March.

    Arnold and Amber became friends after taping the variety show "Liza's Online". The Miss Hong Kong 2018 First Runner-Up broke up with her boyfriend of six years last month, saying that the long-distance made it difficult for their relationship.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, May 28, 2019.