Anyone tried Musk's SpaceX's Starlink?

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    Anyone tried Musk's SpaceX's Starlink? Probably not useful for city dwellers; but, perhaps, like me, there are some DA members that loves rural areas yet highly dependent on internet for work and entertainment? If so, care to comment on the frequency of "There will also be brief periods of no connectivity at all." (from their FAQ). It is afterall, one of Elon Musk's innovative, but, perhaps not 100% projects.
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    I heard about this starlink internet that provides a decent mediocre speed with expensive high end monthly rate. I mean if people are actually living in rural areas, the best solution is tettering the cellphone as the internet provider instead. There is some cellphone plan that actually give unlimited internet data for less than what starlink gives. Or you can wait for the price to drop a bit starlink is still new and expensive for the moment.
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    I do love my rural living; the fresh air, clear night skies and birds chirping makes it all worthwhile. :D

    I did gather more information for anyone wondering - it's $99 / mo, at least that's what the rep quoted me for my area. The rep is promising 30 MB/s - 100MB/s download and 10MB/s - 50MB/s upload for my area. He said they are restricting number of users that can sign up now, supposedly, to maintain that speed. He also claimed there's no limit and no throttling at any time. The reason for the wide range of speed is, supposedly, due to the satellites positioning. I can say the price is pretty competitive for rural folks for that kind of speed.

    My company provided me with the cell hotspot dongle thingy when I first moved to the rural area. The speed really is just around 1MB/s - 5MB/s download / upload. And that's on one end of my house. On the other end, I'm lucky to get 1MB/s for some reason. I can still get cell calls on there and no drop call when I walk to that area. But for some reason I can't get > 1MB on those hotspot thingy.
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    Colleague got it and returned it, she said it was too spotty because she is surrounded by tall trees, sometimes it wouldn't work at all. When it worked, the speed was good, she said she could finally watch Netflix lol.
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