Anthony Wong loses mother to kidney failure

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    25 Oct – Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has recently lost his mother.

    As reported on H01, the actor, who spoke about her death recently, shared that mum Wong Chun Yi passed away on 22 October after experiencing kidney failure.

    "I was with her for two hours that afternoon. But then the nurse said they needed to change her diaper, so I went out and told them I would be coming back. But almost immediately after I left in my car, they called me to ask me to come back. But there was a lot of traffic at the time," he said.

    Unfortunately, his mother was already gone by the time he came back.

    "I arrived when she had just left, so I said some things in her ear. I won't share what it was," he said.

    Nonetheless, Anthony said her death was not a surprise, as the doctors already told him that her situation has not been very optimistic.

    Anthony was raised solely by his mother during his childhood, when his British father, Frederick William Perry, abandoned their family. His story previously made it to the BBC, and eventually led him to his stepbrothers and the family that he never knew he had.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Oct 25, 2018.