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  1. I'm not sure what else to say, because you've pretty much set your mind.

    I'm an agnostic atheist, I don't see how I'm one-sided. I am open-minded enough to defend both sides of the argument when needed. At this point, I'm just going to throw in the towel, because I see no point in pursuing this fruitless debate.
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    Kdotc - I said it many times and agreed that there are good xtians and bad xtians and I praise those who are doing good in the name of religion. I also know it's your right to defend your believe. All I'm asking is for you and other xtians to be open minded and see what else is out there. Look into your own religion's history and learn about the facts and not blindly listen to preachers who only preach the good things in the bible and dismiss the bad. Especially when you all agree that the bible is god's word, so shouldn't you follow it to the T?

    You say xtians try to change others and we have the right to deny or simply not follow. then you compared it to Atheist and say we curse and talk down on religion. How is that even a comparison? Of course there are going to be bad atheist just like there are bad xtians. Can't atheist try to change others like xtians too? What makes xtians special that it's ok for u guys to try and change people, but when atheist try to do the same we are all BAD and we are violating your rights?

    All I did is provide an educational video, it's not offensive (unless you are hard core bible thumper) it has facts pulled directly from your bible and it points out the contradictions. Don't you think as a xtian you should question that? If you are a student and your math teacher gives you a wrong formula to solve a problem, wouldn't you point it out to your teacher and try to get the right formula, teachers makes mistakes too? You are correct, it may only be a small part of xtians who are giving other xtians a bad name, but you know how the world works, it's the bad things that stands out and that's what people see. You could do 10 good things, but always it's the ONE bad thing that people will always remember.

    Dan - seems like you are having an identity crisis. First you said you are Buddhist now you say you're agnostic atheist. you can't be all 3. Agnostic is also different from Atheist. Pick one and stick to it. And if you are truly open minded you would understand my point of view. Just because I bag on the bad xtians doesn't mean I hate them all. And you don't know me, what makes you think I lost my humanity? I do more charitable work than you would ever know! So I have a different point of view than you do, that makes me a bad person? A bad atheist asshole with no humanity? What makes you so righteous?
  3. There are such things as a Buddhist atheist. Buddhist is a way of life in my life, not a religion.

    I'm sorry it has come to this. Good bye.