Angry Chinese woman destroys her own car

Discussion in 'Chinese Chat' started by shinobi, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. more mainland madness :moses:
  2. ab289

    ab289 Well-Known Member

    Her own car?
    Really? Young millennial not knowing the meaning of making, earning and paying for that car. She should just walk from now on. And when she feels like it, kick herself.
    Imagine dating her huh? :moses:
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  3. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Is she rich or something..?
  4. iksxc

    iksxc Well-Known Member

    What's the context here? She's angry, I get that..but why her own car? Sure she's not trying to destroy her boyfriend's car maybe?

    Her slapstick actions is funny though! I can imagine that heavy break can do some herself! :lol::lol:

  5. moonlightshadow

    moonlightshadow Well-Known Member

    i am under the impression she is destroying her Bf's car. Maybe he cheated or something and she is out to destroy the guys favourite car
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  6. ralphrepo

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    This looks like the kind of woman who would cut your pecker off while you're sleeping, LOL :ohnoes:
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  7. ^... all women from china look like that....

    there is no justification/explanation for crazy man...
  8. @iksxc here is follow up article on footage

    A shocking footage has emerged of an extremely furious woman venting her fury by thoroughly destroying her BRAND NEW Audi. The unidentified woman was caught on camera in Zhengzhou, a province in central China, smashing up her luxurious Audi Q3 with a large brick.

    According to witnesses, the woman’s rage was in some way stimulated by a fight with her boyfriend, which made her express her fury by destroying her own car, which is said to be worth around 420,000 Yuan ($65,000). At first, the woman was spotted acting in a crazed manner at a local park in mid-morning on September 19th. This prompted bystanders to film her after she started throwing a brick repeatedly at the vehicle.

    On several occasions in the footage, the lady is seen throwing the brick through the windows of the car before furiously taking out the door handles, as well as the mirrors. Shocked bystanders had no choice but to film the outrageous events and call the police who had to stop her from causing any further damage.

    It’s still not clear whether the police are investigating the issue or if she will be charged for her outrageous behavior. However, it seemed as if her furious and shocking actions paid off, as she was later seen smiling and playing with the car’s keys, albeit having some minor injuries on her hand that resulted from her livid actions.

    Despite looking proud for destroying her own luxurious car, the woman will now have to deal with damages estimated to be worth around 50,000 Yuan ($7,600).

    credits: yahoo
  9. crasianlee

    crasianlee Well-Known Member

    Haha she probably destroyed it cause the bf gave it to her and he must have done something. Eh the fines probably mean nothing to her. Seriously they better keep this mainland madness in China...
  10. ab289

    ab289 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately It's not just in mainland; I have seen so many news of people flying to foreign countries and bringing that mainland madness there. So much, the Chinese government is taking action:
  11. crasianlee

    crasianlee Well-Known Member

    Wonder if they actually do it though, would love to see the list...Ironically it's of all ages too that are doing this.
  12. Lol, she is truly mad