Angel Chiang wants opportunities for challenging roles

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    Angel Chiang is happy that she has finally succeeded in shedding her good girl image through her drama, "Al Cappuccino".

    As reported on SkyPost, the actress who sat down for an interview recently, admitted that the public was so used to her role as Tracy in "Come Home Love" that it was hard for her to revamp her image into something new.

    "It's a blessing and a curse," she said with a smile. "The role was deeply rooted in the hearts of people that for many years, whenever I was out, people will call me Ms. Tracy."

    Although she was never unhappy about being linked to the character, Angel admitted that it had limited her roles in subsequent projects and made it hard for her to get the opportunity to challenge herself.

    As for playing the wild and sexy girl Sui Jeh in "Al Cappuccino", Angel said that she was determined to show her worth this time around.

    "I liked the script and the role very much. It's so different that I never thought it would be a big hit. I just hope that the audience will be able to look at me in a different way - as Angel Chiang who can play various roles," she said.

    As for her future goals, the actress said that she hopes to one day play the lead after years of being the supporting character.

    "I was short-listed for Best Supporting Actress last year, but what I really want is to win Most Improved Artiste, which will be a good thing for me," she added.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Sep 12, 2020.