Andy Hui returns to the limelight after more than a year

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    Making his showbiz comeback after more than a year since his cheating scandal, Andy Hui was quick to thank wife Sammi Cheng for her support and encouragement throughout his hiatus.

    As reported on Mingpao, the singer who appeared in public for the first time to perform for ViuTV's show "Chill Club" in celebration of the 50th anniversary of PolyGram, stated that he was actually invited by Joey Tang to perform and was happy to accept the offer.

    "I have grown a lot after much reflection and introspection. I think that this time, when I come out, I am ready to face the masses and the society. I promise to do better in the future and restart again," he said.

    Andy admitted that he had insomnia the night before, and was wondering if he was really ready to return, however Sammi was the one who encouraged him to be positive and show people his sincerity.

    When asked what did Sammi say exactly, he responded, "Nothing special, just that I should be natural and have confidence in myself."

    As to whether he has contacted actress Jacqueline Wong, of whom he was caught acting chummy with in a taxi and caused the whole scandal last year, Andy stressed, "No, no. The past is over. I hope everybody will give me a chance. Let bygones be bygones. I will not forget the mistake, but will remain vigilant and be better in the future."

    When mentioned that Jacqueline's ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma has also moved on and is now dating Roxanne Tong, Andy stated that he had seen the report but that it was not appropriate for him to talk about other people's personal matters.

    As for his future work, Andy stated that he will let his record label decide for him.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jun 16, 2020.