Andy Hui in Taiwan for new TV series

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    Andy Hui has safely arrived in Taiwan to prepare for his acting comeback, "Accept the Challenge, Producer!" (working title).

    As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who had been on hiatus for nearly two years since his affair with Jacqueline Wong made headlines in April 2019, arrived in Taipei on 16 April alongside his assistant, and even accepted an interview with the media upon his arrival.

    Andy revealed that he will be staying for about one month in Taiwan, and will be undergoing the 14-day quarantine prior to filming.

    "I will be spending my time doing sports and reading the scripts in the hotel room," he said.

    Asked if wife Sammi Cheng would be visiting while he is in Taiwan, Andy said that the singer would not do so due to the pandemic, since she would need to undergo quarantine for two weeks just to visit him.

    It is said that Andy chose to do the TV series due to the interesting and fresh nature of the script, where he will play the role of a singer. To be directed by Gao Bing-quan of "Yong-jiu Grocery Store", the TV series is also produced by and stars Tony Yang.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Apr 22, 2021.