Andy Hui Chi Onn

Discussion in 'Chinese Male Artists' started by tien317, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. tien317

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    Since there is no thread on Andy Hui, i'm here to start one :) Andy Hui has a good voice and I feel he is pleasant looking. Kinda like him. Too bad after he got the JSG Best Male Singer 2001, his popularity seems to drop. I saw his recent interview = Be My Guest and he openly admit he still loves Sammi. Such an honest artist.

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  2. grosbebe16

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    Andy hui sings well but at the moment, he does not see much in the series.
  3. hermidude

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    What's up with him? Haven't seen him in singing or acting? THe last I heard of him is in the 6 Chikchak award reunion, very emotional concert. I really want to see it.
  4. fruity dofu

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    i love andy hui..his voice is so soothing when he sings love's full of emotion,a very sentimental artist, which lacks a lot of those in music industry nowadays. Yeah, I wanted to see that last 10 years chik chak concert too, but i guess no one have it..=(.Other than that, in real life, i admire that he is very loyal and always cherish the friends that surrounds him..even tho his popularity went down and he broke up with sammi, i have a feeling he is going to make a comeback one day in music, but i dunno about his realationship with sammi..Right now, they announce that they are really good friends, but who knows what happens later.i heard in a interview the reason why he doesnt come out as much for promotion in music or constantly produce album because it would drain him all dried mentally. He doesn't want to make quantity albums, but quality. so when that times come, he will face everyone. Recently, he did released an album call unprecedented? a few good songs in there, but not as good as the tracks at his past albums in my opinion.Andy hui is known more of his singing than his acting, that is why you dont really see him much in series..Good thing, he never gave up on singing yet, thats what i heard him saying in Be My guest. He says he felt tired one time and felt like leaving the music industry for a while, but he never gave up because he never know when his popularity will soar back up..he don't want to let go of this chance and of course his love for music and his career he been in for the past 20 years..-clapclap
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    sexy voice. i like him too
  6. RockkxD

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    He can sing and was was great in the series with Myolie.
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    Those are some PRETTY BAD pictures of andy lol. He's cuter than that and he's a cute singer. Average guy though