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    This is a trailer and some background for the third Always - Sunset On Third Street movie released this past July. For those that don't know, the first one released in 2005 was so well received that it was followed up with another in 2007. It's a lighthearted story of a small close knit working class neighborhood in post war Tokyo. But what had surprised many people was that these nostalgic Japanese stories (derived originally from a manga) were also very well received worldwide. Except for some minor slip ups, the movie's attention to period detail in terms of wardrobe and props are stunningly exacting, making it a visual joy. This third installment itself isn't as good when compared to its two predecessors. But if you've seen the others previously (as I did), you'll probably be very forgiving (like me) and enjoy this as if returning to a long awaited family reunion; of course it's a happy ending


    I remember buying a Nikon FTN (then considered the world's most advanced 35mm professional camera) in Hong Kong back in 1972; it only had an add on accessory hot shoe that mounted over the film rewind lever. Integrated hot shoes (on top of the prism housing) didn't come out until the later. Damn, do I feel old, LOL...

    At any rate, the latest installment is out on torrent and emule; you can also find many DDL's too. There's also a dedicated site (in Japanese).

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