All of us are dead.

Discussion in 'Korean Drama Discussion' started by KilaKilaGirl, Jan 29, 2022.

  1. KilaKilaGirl

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    Just released in Netflix and my first impression was another gore zombie series but it turned out pretty unique. I like how the series utilized hybrid zombie in this series for its uniqueness that is totally different than any zombie stuff you been seeing on amc channel.
  2. Xzyrus

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    Initially, I felt there were too many characters. I had trouble following until probably halfway into the series before I figured out who was who. I like the half-zombie idea too. The zombie choreography was nice and I much prefer the Korean fast zombies to the Walking Dead slow zombies as it's much more exciting.

    I've been getting into more Kdramas lately and find all the additional promotions they go on various talk shows and gameshows quite entertaining too. The two couples have pretty good chemistry off screen in all the promotions they've been going through.