AKB48 Rule Breaker, Should She Be Thrown Out?

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Should Minami Minegishi be fired for breaking AKB48's no dating rule?

  1. Absolutely. She broke her contract and she should be gone immediately

  2. She should be suspended for a time with no pay, but then allowed to rejoin

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  3. No, she should be given a second chance after a period of public contrition

  4. No, she's an adult & should be allowed to date. The contract violates her human rights.

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    Recently, AKB48 member was caught breaking her firm's strict rules against dating; she then took to the airwaves, shaving her head in contrition and apologizing. The video below was a take from The Young Turks channel (for those that don't know TYT, they're a web based political commentary video channel):

    Personally, I understand that they're selling a "virginal" image and that it demeans women. However, a contract is a contract. Much like HK Gillian sued for violation of her innocence and privacy when pics of her in a changing room was aired, only to be laughed at when more lurid pictures of her eating 'Tube Steak A La Edison' flooded the net; there's hypocrisy all around the entertainment industry. From actresses being trained to hold their hand in front of their mouths when they laugh (to imply shyness and innocence) to dressing in school girl outfits, they're selling an image that we all know is fake, but one that is appealing to the general masses, demeaning or not.

    Hence, IMHO, she violated her contract, she should be fired. This is important because it would otherwise set a precedent for all the other AKB48 members, who would take it as a sign that they too, can otherwise date on the sly.

    And for those that have never heard of them, an AKB48 video:

    If I'm not mistaken, I think the woman in question appears at 03.46 of the above video.
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  2. Well if she dates it'll hurt the group image along with the group sales so it shouldn't come as a surprise she'd get thrown out for breaching her contract. If she dated another star then fans would be more lenient and it'll make for better gossip but to date a commoner is out of the question. AKB48 is marketed as cute and innocent school girls and they do some weird ass Japanese style Otaku fan sessions (which is why i really think she should be terminated) and i'm sure alot of nerd boys who are only a fan of hers are going to kill themselves but being in a group as large as they are, she's easily expendable and should try at it solo after she *graduates*
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    Why does this matter?

    Didn't this happen because the guy was pictured leaving her house? Her fucking house?

    Also, I find this interesting, the guy counter groups, Johnny's, had tons of these sort of pictures, gossip of dating over the years. They just ended up laying low, and came back as if nothing had happened. Actually, it's even worse, they had their private pictures of them with the girl all cuddling together. Yet after a while of laying low, they were welcomed back. Her photo of the guy leaving her house, is significantly more innocent than the men with their shirtless pictures and hugging a nameless female. The men are also contractually obligated to not be photographed with women, etc etc. And yet it happens. Why? Because the paparazzi follow them everywhere.
    And of course this is a huge deal, because in Japan, they are incredibly sexist.

    They are allowed to have a life outside of work. They try to maintain a good image, but shit happens.
    There was another AKB48 member, one of the more popular ones, who was photographed out drinking, drunk, clothes ripped and crying her face off.
    At one point, one of her male friends carries her home, with her ass exposed for everyone to see.
    She's still promoting, she didn't have to shave her head.
    She didn't have sex, as implied with this akb48 member, but I find public drunkenness more damaging and trashy for ones image. But hey, that's just me.
  4. ^
    the guys a celeb =p

    As i said she's easily expendable because her groups so big. There's no saying that the public won't accept her back but right now she's hurting the group image specifically being the girl next door type which means they may have easily lost 10 thousand fans which could mean 10 thousand sales for the company and if she wanted to date she shouldn't have signed the contract and live a normal life. Don't get me wrong.. im all for her coming back to the group but speaking in a business and logical sense, its only right she be terminated or have a solo career or if she was smart.. lay low.. deny it or come straight instead of asking for pity. Take a book from Jay Park
  5. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    I was going to mention about Johnny's too (Johnny's Entertainment is the company's name). Before I was into kpop, I listened to a lot of groups from that company. The company was strict about dating especially if you're in your 20's and teenage years (yes, there are groups that debut when you're 15. Check out Hey!Say!Jump & Sexy Zone, the active ones).

    I posted an article in the Japanese Entertainment News last year about Jin Akanishi's marriage to Kuroki Meisa. Both big names in Japan. Jin is signed with Johnny's and after the marriage was announced, he finished his American tour and Johnnys suspended all of his activities; including making him pay the cancellation concert fees of the concerts he was expected to have when he returns to Japan. That's no small amount, and to this day he is still not back in the entertainment circle. You could make the argument that he's taking care of his baby, yea, but it's almost one year since his punishment. No news whatsoever about him.

    I understand if the company is strict about dating if you're in a teenage group or a rookie group, cause you want that pure image. But he is steady in the entertainment circle and he's already at an age where I think the "no-dating" rule is stupid to him. What do you want them to do? Start dating at 40?

    While I do agree that if your contract prohibits dating, then you shouldn't date. But there should be an age exception to this rule (ie 25+). For her situation, I dont think she should return to the group but try to go as a solo artist. Her image as an AKB-member is ruined, but she could rebound as a soloist. Maeda Atsuko (person's link), she was huge in AKB. But I actually never seen that tabloid report about her.

    @Ang: AKB's sales are incredible. Unless you're one of the leads, I dont think it'll affect the sales very much (I dont know if she's the lead).