Akanishi Jin to make a comeback with a new single in August

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    It was announced that Akanishi Jin will be returning through a new single "HEY WHAT'S UP?" scheduled to be released on August 7.

    This will mark his first CD release in a year and five months, as his last release was his U.S. debut album "JAPONICANA" (released in March of 2012). The single will also be the first song in Japanese since his previous single "SEASONS" which was released in December of 2011.

    Akanishi wrote and composed the title track, and it is said to be an up-tempo summer tune.
    Akanishi left a comment, "Though I've caused so many worries, I am now able to release a new song. I never stopped making songs even during the hiatus, and I was longing for this day to come. I made this song with all my heart, as I wanted the first comeback song to be an up-tempo and bright dance tune which the fans who waited for my comeback for a long time, could be pleased with. Please look forward to it."

    More details on Akanishi's comeback single will be revealed on Warner Music Japan's official site in a few days.

    Source: natalie, Tokyohive