Action and Fighting in this series.

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    Just want to comment on how much the modernized effects ruin the action choreography in tvb series nowadays. The shaky camera and zoom effects :facepalm: Older tvb series have done it way better. The new after effects in the recent ancient dramas are pissing me off.
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    Agree. The choreography is so much better for the older series!!
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    Personally, I think a lot of the older actors were just more physically fit, and many of them actually knew some martial arts. The last generation of actors all have their stuff done by CGI. Even then, they're not that convincing as none of them actually know what they're doing.
  4. Look at this nigg jumpin' on some 32 Relic Ish..

    of course action isn't as good as back then..

    It's funny.. like there was a lot of action in beginning of the series. Fukin' that lighting effect after every punch, I was getting so tired of that. And now there's no fighting or action at all. This series is slowly down hill..

    Also, they aren't doing ish like this..


    old school.. fukin' explosions everywhere.. crazy ass sword writing on cliffs..
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    ^lol that shit was over the top but still way better than the fighting in the new series, its bullshit the direction they are going.
  6. fuk nah.. check the sig nig.. original shaw bro ish
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    ^lol man that shit was tight back in the days but now it just don't fit, i'd rather have the hybrid ish in the late 90s etc. Also the new actors can't do that type of shit.
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    Action: The scene in ep 29 when Michael (ngo siu-fung) chopped off his left arm was disgusting, totally wasnt expecting that.
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    That's y the ancient dramas nowadays arent gonna be classics 30 years from now.
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    wtf the chopping off arm thing wasnt even that disgusting lol... they didn't show any blood and cgi

    but the chopped heads of the two generals looked funny :D:D they even made the blood thing on the rim of the neck rofl ahhahaha
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    What a dick head didn't think he had to chopp his arm off, the king already let him off, now how is he gonna take care of the princess being disabled.
  12. omfg guys.. Spoilers!! Spoiler TAG!
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    I kno i said it before in another post, but did anyone notice that the battle scenes in episode 30 were full of scenes taken from "twin of brothers"? Is TVB really THAT low and cheap? We kno that they're getting richer. (again.....wish i got screenshots.....but......)
  14. lol I didn't notice.. but yea.. nothing too epic went down..