A tale of two sisters - 장화, 홍련 [2003]

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    Director: Ji-woon Kim

    Im Soo Jung
    Moon Geun-young
    Yeom Jeong-ah
    Kim Kap-su

    Tagline: Our sorrow is conceived long before we are born…


    A Tale of Two Sisters begins in a mental asylum. A doctor is questioning a girl about the details of a day in the past while she merely sits silently. Later, in what is assumed to be a flashback, you see the same girl, Su-mi, arriving at a house with her younger sister, Su-yeon. With them come their father and their stepmother, Eun-joo. Things seem strange in the house; for instance, inside their rooms, they find completely identical clothing and accessories. Later that night at dinner, things are tense and strange. Their father leaves early after giving Eun-joo two pills to take. When the girls go to bed, the house turns eerie, filled with disturbing dreams.

    During the next few days, things become even stranger. Eun-joo abuses Su-yeon, and fights constantly with Su-mi. Through the course of these events, they father seems completely oblivious. Mingled in these troubled events, there seems to be something haunting the family, something that none of them has yet to come to terms with…

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    this was such a good film...the setting of the scenes were really beautiful...had a fantastic twist at the end...i recommend this movie for pple to watch if they like pyschological horror
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    got the DVD ages ago and its definitely worth a watch
  3. Whoa. Looks scary. is it anything like fatal frame
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    waw.. a scare movie.. good for see in the midnight
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    It freaked me out. haha. It was kind of confusing for a tiny bit, but I liked the movie a lot and the story line was decent.
  6. yep very good movie, theres an english remake now.
  7. Phoenix

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    yep, its called The Uninvited
    coming at the end of the month i think....
  8. This movie seems interesting, might watch it when friends come round, its always fun to watch people's reactions during a horror film.
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