8.9 Earthquake In Japan

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    this is ubbbber sad...when i hear and see about this...on the news....its so scary hearing it...
    i cant even imagine whut it must be like to actually be there...=/
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    someone needs to shotgun her knees
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    Reminds me of something my uncle did last year to his son. Long story short, back in school son was taught about god and he kept saying "God will save us". Then my uncle got pissed and so didn't give him food and said if your god is so powerful he will feed you, not me. Then at dinner time he said "God will save me" and hours later the son said "There is no god".

    I lol'ed but yeah I respect in each of what individuals believe in, but this is just .... no :facepalm:, die in a fire is all I can say or get laughed at for falling for a troll =_=.

    For those wondering about why ult hates US -> http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/03/facebook_imbeci.php .... pretty much the run down of things.
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    Rather misguided, but that in a nutshell, is the fundamentalist Christian. They attempt to assign a tangible explanation and religious purpose for every burp, hiccup, or fart on earth as if they themselves (because of their 'unshakable' faith) are omniscient of god's ultimate plan (which would make them as smart as god, eh?). The woman is delusional.


    What is clearly scary about this woman though, is that she is representative of the thousands of her ilk within the masses that US republicans (vis a vis the electoral college system) rely on to repeatedly ensconce themselves into American office.
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    Hahahaha that was pretty funny.

    Your link... WTF?! Pretty sure the Hiroshima bombing was payback. Fucking idiots.
  7. Those who think this was karma for Pearl Habor are simply ignorant tools. There's not much that can be said about people who have negative IQs.

    However I'm not sure if that tamtampamela kid is trolling or not... You can only pull her skit if you're an excellent troll, or... Heaven forbid.... dumber than a stoned rock

    edit: nvm I definitely think she's trolling. That or she's part of the westboro baptist circus. Hopefully 4chan gets on her case, and gives her what she deserves
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    She has like 41 videos just talking about God. You should check out her 'Question for Scientists' as she says 'cells evolved into fish, which became trees, and then evolved into houses.'
    Now that's a smart woman... [/sarcasm]
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    Wow. If anyone needs God, it's definitely her. If God exists, pray that he's kind enough to insert some cells that transforms at least into a nut-sized brain.
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    Yeah, for sure.

    So the girl, address and phone number posted on youtube. She's gonna regret ever posting the video. Or just go on another rant...
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    Apparently she is a dedicated at her art of trolling. Hmmmm yeah kinda had doubts at first but this not something nice to laugh and troll about, apparently she frequents 4chan too, this is one of those times where I shouldn't take the net so seriously.

    Anyway not like I like to post depressing stuff but it's nice to point out how ridiculously retarded some people are or perhaps stupidly dedicated to the core in their beliefs plus racist, I mean there is literally a whole forum of them.

    Please pray for Japanese nuclear reactors to meltdown - The Landover Baptist Church Forum

    God Hates Japan! - The Landover Baptist Church Forum

    EMERGENCY MISSION TO JAPAN - The Landover Baptist Church Forum (point of donating a bible is.... adding to the fact different regilion/beliefs in Japan :facepalm:)
    Japs get their due! - The Landover Baptist Church Forum

    Some of you may remember the trade mark "What is fap?" thread which also came from here. Found this from my guesses of that troll and that username Sister Pamela is that troll from youtube by the way.
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    Apparently the land over baptist church is a parody of most fundamentalist churches. But if you call them out on it, they'll shoot you down.
    In the about us on their website, in very tiny letters and you have to highlight the text, it'll say this is satire/parody
    They can say that, but I'm sure the forum harbours a lot of real fundamentalists and other idiots.

    Way to not even offer an apology you biatch.
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  16. it could of been much worst like ppl have said already...my heart is with Japan!
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    Whether the Land Over Baptist site is parody or not is really moot at this point. There are actually plenty of people who feel the Japanese are some how deserving of this. As irony would have it, even some Japanese may feel that way:

    On a personal note, I remember that during other most recent (Sichuan, China; Leogane, Haiti) earthquakes that regular Chinese people immediately took to the streets (at least in my New York City neighborhood) beseeching passerby to donate funds for relief efforts. Japan had also sent specialized SAR teams to China in the aftermath of Sichuan. However, it seems now that the shoe is on the other foot so to speak, the only thing that seems forthcoming from us Chinese is either satisfied silence, veiled venom, or just outright gloating at Japan's misfortune. I think that the Japanese people will learn from this; regardless of how their respective governments respond (the PRC did send relief supplies and in fact, already have Chinese rescuers on the ground in Japan) they will see that the Chinese, as a people, could care less if Japan ceased to exist. I wonder what the Japanese people will do during the next Chinese emergency; how hawkish will they vote in terms of their politicians, and how hard they will now push to toe the line in the Pacific? In other words, there is no better way than this for the Chinese people to demonstrate their continued hatred and disdain for the Japanese. Public sentiment is a delicate thing. With Japan now a victim, it will remember sorely not just countries, but rather of their peoples, who its real friends are.
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