2018 Miss Hong Kong Contestants Swimwear Appearance

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    The 19 contestants for the upcoming 2018 Miss Hong Kong Pageant made their first swimwear appearance in a press photocall on August 10. Donning sky blue swimsuits, the beauty hopefuls flashed their best smiles and flaunted their best assets to the press. #2 Kathy Chong (庄嘉慧) was not present due to illness.

    It has been a fair race so far—there hasn’t been a particular candidate that jarringly stands out in terms of high educational credits or voluptuous body, but #14 Honey Ho (何泳芍) was the media’s favourite that day with her tanned skin and attractive figure. Honey worked as a freediving instructor prior to joining the pageant. #3 Jenny Leung (梁致欣), #9 Yutori Kudo (工藤佑采), #10 Stephanie Lee (李芷晴), and #16 Rachel Wong (黃子桐) are also not faring too behind.

    Besides their figure, their glowing skin also became a hot topic at the press con. #5 Krystl Kung (鞏姿希), #15 Tania Chan (陳苑澄), #16 Rachel Wong, and #19 Krystal Yang (楊帆) were name-dropped for having healthy, radiant skin.

    Check out the 19 contestants below!

    #1 Grace Lan (蘭倚婷)
    grace-lan-1. grace-lan-2.

    #3 Jenny Leung (梁致欣)
    jenny-leung-1. jenny-leung-2.

    #4 Venus Tang (鄧美欣)
    venus-tang-2. venus-tang-1.

    #5 Krystl Kung (鞏姿希)
    krystl-kung-1. krystl-kung-2.

    #6 Olivia To (杜愛恩)
    olivia-to-1. olivia-to-2.

    #7 Sara Ting (丁子田)
    sara-ting-1. sara-ting-2.

    #8 Claudia Chan (陳靜堯)
    claudia-chan-1. claudia-chan-2.

    #9 Yutori Kudo (工藤佑采)
    yutori-kudo-1. yutori-kudo-2.

    #10 Stephanie Lee (李芷晴)
    stephanie-lee-1. stephanie-lee-2.

    #11 Samantha Li (李明芙)
    samantha-li-1. samantha-li-2.

    #12 Christy Tung (童銘欣)
    christy-tung-1. christy-tung-2.

    #13 Linsy Lai (黎智)
    linsy-lai-1. linsy-lai-2.

    #14 Honey Ho (何泳芍)
    honey-ho-1. honey-ho-2.

    #15 Tania Chan (陳苑澄)
    tania-chan-1. tania-chan-2.

    #16 Rachel Wong (黃子桐)
    rachel-wong-1. rachel-wong-2.

    #17 Hera Chan (陳曉華)
    hera-chan-1. hera-chan-2.

    #18 Kelly Ko (高育英)
    kelly-ko-1. kelly-ko-2.

    #19 Krystal Yang (楊帆)
    krystal-yang-1. krystal-yang-2.

    #20 Amber Tang (鄧卓殷)
    amber-tang-1. amber-tang-2.

    Creds: HK01


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