2005 JSG Music Awards *RESULTS*

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  1. Sunday January 15, 2006 Hong Kong

    Top Gold Song

    Ronald Cheng - Mo Lai

    Favorite Female Singer

    Joey Yung

    Favorite Male Singer

    Hacken Lee

    2005 JSG Award - 1st Gold Song

    Kelly Chan - Hope

    2005 JSG Award - 2nd Gold Song

    Ronald Cheng - Mo Lai

    2005 JSG Award - 3rd Gold Song

    Andy Lau - Continue With Love

    2005 JSG Award - 4th Gold Song

    Hacken Lee - Ching Fei Sau Yi

    2005 JSG Award - 5th Gold Song

    Fiona Sit - Boys Like You

    2005 JSG Award - 6th Gold Song

    Joey Yung - Tomorrow's Grace

    2005 JSG Award - 7th Gold Song

    Leo Ku - Genius and Idiot

    2005 JSG Award - 8th Gold Song

    Miriam Yeung - Lit Nui

    2005 JSG Award - 9th Gold Song

    Eason Chan - Jik Yeung Mo Han Ho

    2005 JSG Award - 10th Gold Song

    Denise Ho - Rolls Royce

    Favorite "Chong Jok" Singer

    Gold: Tat Ming Yat Pai
    Silver: Ivana Wong
    Bronze: Endy Chow

    Favorite Commercial Song

    Gold: Listen Up - Eason Chan
    Silver: Perfect Relationship - Kelly Chen
    Bronze: Winter Time - Twins

    Favorite Duet

    Hacken Lee and Joey Yung- Hak Bak Yung Wuen

    Favorite Group

    Gold: Twins
    Silver: Grasshoppers
    Bronze: Soler

    Favorite Mandarin Song

    Gold: Andy Lau - Say I love you one more time
    Silver: Hacken Lee - Ask about love
    Bronze: Twins - Starlight Playground

    Favorite Female Newcomer

    Gold: Janice
    Silver: Ivana Wong
    Bronze: Toby Leung

    Favorite Male Newcomer

    Gold: Justin Lo
    Silver: Ron Ng
    Bronze: Kenny Kwan

    Charity Live Award

    Andy Lau and Twins

    Most Improved Singers of 2005

    Gold: Denise Ho
    Silver: Pong Nam
    Bronze: Jolie Chan

    Best Composer, Lyrist, Arrangement, Producer

    Best Composer: Eric Kwok (Jik Yeung Mo Han Ho - Eason Chan)
    Best Lyrist: Lin Xi (Jik Yeung Mo Han Ho - Eason Chan)
    Best Arrangement: Robert Fu (Ching Fei Sau Yi - Hacken Lee)
    Best Producer: Hins Cheung (Blessing)

    Overseas Favorite Male

    Andy Lau

    Overseas Favorite Female

    Kelly Chen
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  2. wah hacken won o_O but i think they made it so joey and hacken wins and they also win best duet so they can sing together -lol yea pretty scripted ...TVB -^_^
  3. ukbutterflygal

    ukbutterflygal Well-Known Member

    hacken best male??hmmm...
  4. should of been eason... he had a better year...even leo had a better year than hacken... -^_^
  5. sir_denster

    sir_denster Well-Known Member

    Agreed, but TVB loves Hacken.

    And so predictable that Kelly and Andy would get Best Overseas artists...so many years in a row. <_<
  6. qpower

    qpower Well-Known Member

    Do u have the chinese version of the list??