2 Versions of the series!!!

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    just as a warning(?) to some folks who may/may not know already but there's apparently 2 versions of CotRH!

    From browsin' around the 'net for more info about this series, I stumbled onto a forum where someone started a similar thread asking if there were two different versions of the same series because someone noticed Sire Ma's character had not appeared by Chapter 6, which is actually what happened in the HK version!

    So apparently there's a big discrepancy between the overseas/DVD and the HK-TV version because the HK series has been heavily edited down. Also, I noticed before the series began there was 31 chapters/episodes listed, but now it's 30 (at first I thought it was because of the 2hour premiere). It seems a whole episode worth of scenes has been cut out of the series (just like what happened with The Four in 2008 when it aired 24 episodes in Hong Kong but 25 overseas).

    Wow, that's incredibly annoying. Why does TVB have to do that? That means their HK audience is missing out. So for those dl'ing the HDZone version=HK TVB, that would be the heavily edited down one. For anyone who'd like to watch the series in full and go back to the beginning haha, I suggest downloading the FK version. I watched all 7 episodes before finding this out, so I may have to re-watch everything lol! Hope this was helpful to those who didn't know!
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    it`s only 1 episode, no big deal really..
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    And truth to be told, I find the HK version terribly dragged out as it is. If you get down to the bare bones of the plot, there's really not much going on.
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    ^in addition, the ending was garbage anyways......The middle of the series was the best part....