1N2D Season 3!

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    2 Days and 1 Night are starting fresh with new members and new directors. Former members Cha Taehyun and Kim Jongmin have stayed on board and it'll now be their mission to welcome new members Kim Juhyeok, Kim Junho, Defconn and Jung Joonyoung.


    Anyone watching this? Pretty good ratings compared to season 2.

    My thoughts? It's pretty funny. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the cast yet, but I'm missing the season 2 cast (I havent watched Season 1). I was still ok when Joo Won left season 2, but I'm feeling that Season 3 is missing an MC. Sugeun was a great MC imo in season 2, and it's something that's missing in season 3. Also feel like Defconn is the one taking over his role. Probably won't happen but I hope when Sugeun makes his comeback, maybe KBS does not ban him from the station.

    You can watch up to date episodes with Dramafever, but I personally prefer KBSWorld's subs (you still get an episode a week, but it's behind with the real broadcast by about 3 weeks or so).

    Would also note that the PD of season 3 was the rookie PD in season 1.

    In terms of laughs, 1n2d > Running Man.

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    Season 1 will always be the best. Season 2 wasn not good. Season 3 was specially better than expected. I watch it on kbsw.

    As for runningman, this show has been disappointing for awhile not, some episodes don't make any sense. They need to get back to their roots as the title RM implies.
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    You should really watch the latest episode with female friends... So goood.:thumbsup: