[03/11/05] Jay Chou being accused of copying other's compositions in his new album

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    translated by: Starylosophy - www.jay-chou.net

    Asia's music talent Jay Chou has released his latest album, November's Chopin after preparing the album for a year.

    Just when everyone is about to praise Jay's music talents and breaking the news of his new album topping charts, someone mentioned that "Si Mian Chu Ge" (Besieged) tune is similar to a song《Muzikakurisaugo》released by a group, GSindikatas. Thus, Jay was being accused of copying the tune of the song.

    This news comes from a forum's thread. Someone from the thread mentioned that "Si Mian Chu Ge" (Besieged) and GSindikatas's song is similar especially the violin's tune and the rap which is practically almost similar. Although the composer is stated as Jay Chou, but the work he only did was to use the MIDI and remade the music arrangement. The person also mentioned that he hopes Jay could respect other composer's compositions.

    When the thread was posted, many people started discussing about the issue. Someone also mentioned that Jay's song is also similar to the song《Believe Me》sung by a member of Linkin Park, Mike (Fort Minor). The discussions led many doubt if Jay really copied the compositions.

    "Si Mian Chu Ge" (Besieged) is one of the hottest song in Jay's new album as the lyrics mentioned about paparazzis. (They extracted the lyrics from the song therefore I didn't translate them).

    Discussions about the lyrics have yet to calm and another news of Jay copying other compositions have started to heat up. After the reporters heard the two songs, they realised that both are similar to Jay's song. Thereafter, the reporters contacted Jay's recording company and the workers there mentioned that they didn't hear of the above news and therefore did not reply to the reporters.

    Wang Yu, who studied music overseas said that singing music is already professional. Mentioning about the copying issue she said that the standard of music in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan is not high therefore the process of copying others is needed. Rhythms and music arrangement and the tune cannot be totally the same. As long as it is not totally the same, other compositions can be taken as a reference.

    Wang Yu mentioned that China's music is still under the learning process, and there isn't a need to discuss about the copying issue.

    Wang Yu feels that Jay has done well in the rapping parts. Although he is not a professional rapper, he has controlled the rhythm of rapping which is important. Pronouncing correctly the Chinese "pinyin" (meaning chinese phonetics) does not mean that rapping could be done well. Alot of people said that Jay is done well in the singing part which is already not an easy task.
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Nov 5, 2005.