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Ron Ng and Stephanie Wang attended a European Christmas Wonderland event yesterday. Stephanie appeared in a bra-top and mini skirt and together with another sexily dressed model flanked Ron, but he ignored Stephanie (not even looking at her) and talked with the model instead.

With regards to Ron’s cold attitude towards her, Stephanie said, “maybe it’s because its their first collaboration, so maybe...
Ron kissed again by a princess
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Ron Ng was at a event at a Tsimshatsui shopping center yesterday, and took part in a short skit cum performance. During the performance, he received a kiss from a little girl dressed as a princess, and his modest smile was greeted by shouts of support from the audience.

He said that his good friend, Tavia Yeung, had recently become her own boss, and he has also been bitten by the...

Popular Korean idol Rain is officialy apart of the "Pepsi Family," along with F4, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Louis Koo, Nicholas Tse and Edison Chen. They are now known as a "perfect" group. Rain will be going to HK on the 27th for a press conference. One of Pepsi's endorsers, ZaiZai (Vic Chou of F4), was very happy to hear that Rain has become a member.

This year Aaron Kwok and Sammi Cheng dropped out of the "Pepsi Family" and Louis Koo and Nicholas Tse was...

Ella Koon has just returned from San Francisco unwell. While doing a radio interview, she laid her head down the entire duration, and after the interview, she was feeling so giddy that her assistants sent her to the hospital for treatment. After visiting the hospital, she rushed down to Chai Wan to continue work.

Over the phone, Ella said that the doctor diagnosed her to be suffering from a ear-nose-throat infection. He prescribed her medicine and said she...
Sunday December 4, 2005 Hongkong





Yesterday afternoon, Twins appeared at [2005 TVB Gold Hits Award] god-praying ceremony and had revealed that they will be giving a treat to fans coming from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong after their January Concert. Asked how many tables Twins will be holding for fans to gather,...