Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Ian McShane to join Jack Black in the animated comedy Kung Fu Panda, according to Variety.

Lucy Liu is also in discussions for a role in the movie which is scheduled for release in May 2008.

In the film, Black stars as Po the Panda, the laziest of all the animals in the Valley of Peace. With powerful enemies at the gates, all hope is pinned on a martial arts hero to rise to save the day. When Po unwittingly shows up in the midst of the martial arts...
DATUK MICHELLE YEOH, who longs for a child, has adopted a boy and a girl as her own children. She also treats her brother’s four children as her own.

Yeoh said she hoped to have a child of her own one day. She and Ferrari boss Jean Todt have been dating for some time but there has been no word of marriage.

“But we usually don’t get what we want if we hope for it too much,” Yeoh said, adding she will leave it to fate as to whether she will have any kids of her own.

She said she had a...
DATE: 14 11 05 SOURCE: ANDYLAU.COM TITLE: DESSERT " It's cold here but super warm in my heart, just because of the things that you did it to me.1000000000000000 thanks.......... I'll take good care of my legs,my hands,my face and everything----- Have a good dream Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz bye-bye----ANDY " AL Message left by andylau [andylau] on 14/11/2005 @ 0:27 42TH GH AWARDS A World Without Thieves won Best Screen Adaptation award, The Mermaid won Best Art Design award....

Only translating major awards...

42nd Golden Horse Award Official RESULTS:

Best Feature Film : Kung Fu Hustle

Best Director : Stephen Chow [Kung Fu Hustle]

Best Actor : Aaron Kwok [Divergence]

Best Actress : Shu Qi [Three Times]

Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Wong [Initial D]

Best Supporting Actress : Yuen Qiu [Kung Fu Hustle]

Best Newcomer : Jay Chou [Initial D]...
13 TAIPEI (AFP) - Leading Chinese movie stars gather in Taiwan Sunday for the 42nd annual Golden Horse Film Awards, considered the "Oscars" of the Chinese-language film...