Saturday December 3, 2005 Hong Kong
Twins to go solo as they become more successful

Hong Kong popular band, Twins will split up next year to go solo.

No matter if this has anything to do with their name of their concert next year, Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi have to face the entertainment marker alone sooner or later.

The popularity for girl bands is recent and as Gillian and Charlene grow older there is no possible way they can stay together as a duo.

When entering...
Tuesday December 6, 2005 Hong Kong

Translated by happy_movie_goer

Recently, Eason has lost his voice and was forced to stop working. He met with the 港台十大中文金曲 award ceremony's reporters. His voice was high pitched and weak, he even made fun of his own voice. He indicated that he has rested for a few days and his voice has still not restored. Right now, his voice is very flat and high pitched. Probably because Shanghai's weather turned cold in addition to talking non-stop for...
Tuesday December 6, 2005

Stars' income never to be secret
Winny Wang

STARS seem untouchable for normal people, but a Guangzhou Website has put hundreds of stars under the spotlight – publishing their performance rewards, Xinhua news agency reported.

On the Website, Jay Chau was said to earn 1 million yuan (US$123,762) for a performance and Yun Fat Chow, HK$12 million (US$1.54 million) as an image ambassador for two years.

Liao Siyong, the operator of the Website, said they...
[11/11/05] Snow business like show business Credits : The Straits Times ; Singapore Jay Chou TAIPEI - He plays the piano, composes his own songs, sings and acts. Now, meet Jay Chou the music-video director. On his sixth album and most recent record, Novomber's Chopin, the Taiwanese pop superstar chalked up a credit for directing the NT$500,000 (S$25,300) video of the song, Snow-Like Hair (发如雪). To go with the Oriental tune of the song, the video is wuxia-themed and set in a...

Japanese Music Station "13 Million" has chosen BoA as the "2005 Best Artist of the Year." After much voting by the Japanese, BoA has recieved stars on all possible age groups, meaning that she had a significant amount of votes. She was one of the only three singers that recieved stars, including Utada Hikaru. The MC has stated that this was the first time ever to have someone win all 6 stars from all age groups. Thus making BoA the 2005 Best Artist of the...